There's a flame war that has been started by Keight, aka BionicDance, within the Atheist communities on youtube. She states that there are ONLY Atheists and Theists, a binary set, nothing more. Those that claim Agnosticism are only cowards hiding behind a screen, not willing to choose either one. She also believes this, and because of this, I counted about 100 subscribers were lost to her. When I told her this, she came right back saying:


the fact is that we as a movement are losing people--or rather, there are people we SHOULD have that we don't--and it's because people don't understand, or are even AFRAID OF, the labels being thrown about. If you don't see how that is an important subject that NEEDS to be discussed I can't help you.

Apparently, Atheism is now a "movement", a sort of "Freedom Fighter Cause". Blah. More like someones finally lost it.


In any case, several people have fought back, stating that she is wrong. That there are more than two labels people use. Such as Agnosticism, Ignosticism/Igtheism, Theism, Atheism, Apatheism, and so on. So I'm asking, which category would you fit yourself under?




Agnosticism- Agnosticism is the view that the truth value of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical claims—is unknown or unknowable.


Ignosticism- Ignosticism is a theological position that the subject of debate (god or gods) has not been coherently defined, and is therefore found to be meaningless.


Theism- Theism is the belief in god or gods.


Atheism- Atheism is the disbelief, or denial, of god or gods.


Apatheism- Apatheism is the position where one does not care if there is or is not a god or gods.


Research it people, and get back to me. In the mean time, I'll be switching my label for Ignosticism, because it feels a whole lot better than Atheism, and suits me just fine.

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thanx i get it now :)

I am somewhere between a Theist and an Apatheist...I really am tired of God, I don't see how religion is helpful sometimes, and I am just not caring either way. I'm just tired of trying to believe in God, when I don't really feel his presence, even when I am trying to be a believer in God.  It's just frustrating, I'm tired of the emotional cha-cha religion makes me feel.  Guilty cause I don't believe, sadness cause I don't feel I deserve any thing God would offer me, and angry cause I feel frustration.  I just want freedom, but I feel trapped by fear, cause if I step away from belief, what will happen to me?  Will my Christian friends who are very supportive and caring turn their backs on me?  Will they try to convince me to believe putting a strain on our friendship?  I dunno, it makes me cry and feel tired, so I wish it would just all go away.





Yes, they may turn their backs, possible, no one calls me, but a friend wouldn't turn ..Life is not over cause change occurs change is inevitably going to happen the only thing that is permanent I feel is change... I totally feel what you are going through..

I myself am now apatheist. After leaving the church, I decided to hell with religions and that I can live my life without the influence of a god or gods. Not to mention that many other churches out there claim they are true through subjective emotionalism. So to hell with it.

But on the other hand, I am not an atheist either. Though I fully embrace science,and thus I whole heartedly believe in evolution and all that cool stuff, I also realize that we as an advancing race don't know everything. So, though I used to be a theist, I'm not going to jump the gun and run to the opposite side of the field right after leaving mormonism.

Now, agnosticism implies sitting on the fence and watching with interest as theists and atheists duke it out with each other. They themselves don't know if there is some kind of deity or not, but they'd be willing to finally pick a side if presented with enough evidence.

But I am apatheist. That is sort of like agnosticism but without the fence-sitting. Agnostics care about the subject of whether there is a god or not. They're not sitting on that fence for the hell of it, but because they're torn between both sides and can't decide either way.

Now APATHEISM, on the other hand, is, in my eyes, a true thing of beauty. IS there a god or gods? I don't give a sheep! (Ha! Get it? Giving a sheep? *clears throat* Um yeah, anyways...)

I gave my life to theism and quite literally LOST myself in "the lord's work." The only thing I recieved in return was severe OCD (probably derived from a complex I developed with the "be perfect" bull), an anxiety disorder, and severe depression. But that's another story.

My point is, if there is a god, mormonism is not the way to go. The cultish behavior of losing oneself for the cause can ruin lives as it did with mine. But at the same time, there are other religions out there claiming to be true. So if there is a god, after all I've gone through "in his name" and only cracking and now being on food stamps and soon welfare because mentally I'm too frakked up to support myself financially. Thanks, mormonism!


So yeah, if there is a god then he/she has a sick sense of humor. So screw it. But on the other hand, there's atheism. So no matter where I turn, I find myself confronted with theism. So you know what? To hell with it all. I don't care anymore. I'm not on either side of the field, nor am I sitting on the fence. I'm far away from the fence and the field. I feel that I cannot disprove the idea of the existence of a god, but if there is a god, I don't give a shit. I nearly self-destructed in trying to serve this god.


From now on, I'm on my own. Maybe there is a god and maybe there isn't. I. Don't. Care.

I thought an agnostic was one who believed in God but doesn't think he/she/it has much to do with creation after creating it  Maybe I am wrong...

That is the Pantheist or even Deist view of God.  Agnosticism is more of just not knowing one way or another.

This is natural deism.  One who believes in a form of God but sees no purpose in things like prayer, scripture, and religious dogma.    Agnostic is one who thinks there can be a God but just is indifferent with their belief because there isn't any evidence.  Atheists are generally Agnostics too just because they will have to agree that you can't "prove" no god, but there is no reason to believe there is one.

I see.. thanx for clearing that up...


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