There's a flame war that has been started by Keight, aka BionicDance, within the Atheist communities on youtube. She states that there are ONLY Atheists and Theists, a binary set, nothing more. Those that claim Agnosticism are only cowards hiding behind a screen, not willing to choose either one. She also believes this, and because of this, I counted about 100 subscribers were lost to her. When I told her this, she came right back saying:


the fact is that we as a movement are losing people--or rather, there are people we SHOULD have that we don't--and it's because people don't understand, or are even AFRAID OF, the labels being thrown about. If you don't see how that is an important subject that NEEDS to be discussed I can't help you.

Apparently, Atheism is now a "movement", a sort of "Freedom Fighter Cause". Blah. More like someones finally lost it.


In any case, several people have fought back, stating that she is wrong. That there are more than two labels people use. Such as Agnosticism, Ignosticism/Igtheism, Theism, Atheism, Apatheism, and so on. So I'm asking, which category would you fit yourself under?




Agnosticism- Agnosticism is the view that the truth value of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical claims—is unknown or unknowable.


Ignosticism- Ignosticism is a theological position that the subject of debate (god or gods) has not been coherently defined, and is therefore found to be meaningless.


Theism- Theism is the belief in god or gods.


Atheism- Atheism is the disbelief, or denial, of god or gods.


Apatheism- Apatheism is the position where one does not care if there is or is not a god or gods.


Research it people, and get back to me. In the mean time, I'll be switching my label for Ignosticism, because it feels a whole lot better than Atheism, and suits me just fine.

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I think I am an Agnostic Atheist. I cannot prove that god does not exist and I do not believe in god. I think there is some value in Ignosticism because everyone has their own version of theism and it is impossible to argue against them all. But I think since people tend to have strict definitions for their versions of god Ignosticism does not suit me as well.

I'm probably most under agnosticism, as I really don't know.  I don't believe in a personal, intervening God, but I do believe in a higher order or energy to the Universe and the continuation of consciousness from one life to the next.

There is order in the Universe... intellectual design is not an "accident" ... it is intentional. I agree with MikeUtah... and because I catch babies for a living, I CAN NOT deny the reality of a spiritual plane and a divine being behind it all ... yet I feel like there is no way it/he/she/they can be proven ...

Thus, I am an Agnostic with a tough of Theism.  

I think that certain things like near death experiences are things that we cannot explain yet really such as things like going through a tunnel which science has come up with some theories but unless we can actually see the inside of an NDE it is impossible to really be able to tell.  However, at the same time they have tried to come up with some proofs that these are real such as things like putting pictures or images near the ceiling of emergency rooms that you can only see from the ceiling to see if anyone who has an OBE will see them and had no success as of yet.  So there is just not enough evidence to know if such things are real or just in someone's conscience while their brain is beginning to shut down.


However, the idea that faith is going to determine ones eternal sentence is something I refuse to accept.


I am most likely an Atheist however I am open to many possibilities including life after death.


Given the information that is available to us, God is just a concept.   If it were any more than a concept, it would be required to explain the natural world around us.

I am a Buddhist.. it's different than all these examples..

There are probably as many different beliefs or theories as there are people.  Even Atheism can be broken into many different kinds.

I'm a definite Atheist.  I have no belief in any gods or any kind of life after death.  I only accept what can be proven with good scientific evidence.

I am a 'Theistic-agnostic' because I still believe in a Higher Power, but this power's truth value can neither be known or unknown.

I am a thinking rational individual.  i have my own thoughts,experiences and views.  Frankly,I am incensed by these bobble headed fools that strut and fret their lines on stage and act as if we have a need for their words.  They speak for God...  I guess he sent them an email and they are his mouthpiece.  I think not.  They are corporate sales reps for the corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, nothing more.  


I believe in God.  I am just not a dancing fool for the idiots that heave themselves upon crosses for the world to see, weep and wail over.  If they are in a crashing plane, they will die.  No great hand will come out of the sky.  If anything that great hand will laugh his ass off and give them the finger over their `self appointed `self importance.   The man upstairs may very well be one of our creation.  Perhaps we created him and he did not create us at all.  we created Zeus, Apolo, and the others.   However, with no regard to the endless babble on religious  stupidity... so long as I live my life well, I am happy and well taken care of.


If there is a God he will give me the positive rewards I will get for living a good life.  I get to have a great life and get to go to "some place, some where".  If there is no God, then I lived a great life, loved my neighbor, did good things and stood what i know to be good and correct.  Salt Lake is neither good nor correct as they use fear and intimidation to beat people with a a wife abuser.


I believe in God and am happy if he is there.  I believe in God if he is not there and we made all the crap up :).  This is one of those issues where I give it due consideration, make my own views and do not follow the "Pied Piper" who makes crap up then thinks we are so stupid, so damnedably stupid that we believe that it is all direct revelation!!!   If you ever read the original Pied Piper, know of his motivations for ridding the town of the rodents.  Then,  I put my feet up, play with the Rot doggies and drop off to a happy snore! :)  I am happy content man that recognises that  Salt Lake is a mind game. 


I say these things in the name of lipton tea, Amen. :)


Don in Las Vegas and Memphis, TN.  

They never found me a job, created one for me, lifted me or developed my mind in any way that did not FIRST suit their needs.  Now, who is self serving, a bastard and going straight to a hell that may not exist either! :)

Well said Don the Pantheist.


I can tolerate this form of a religious believer.  I for one cannot stand these people at school that come in and practically shine their crosses at everyone that they wear around their neck.


These catholics that go around the country chasing reflections of the virgin mary make me so sick too.

We have a man at Church (Catholic) that will sit teary eyed at the foot of the Statue of Joseph and act as if it matters.  This is superstition and utterly ignorant.  I remember millions that would say and "know" that if you read this book then all your lifes problems would evaporate and all the bread you baked would rise and have a golden brown crust...dumbasses all.  We have problems so that we learn the skills to create solutions.  Minus the minus the solutions as well.  

  That process we spoke of in the last paragraph deals with lifes processes and not theology in the least.  We make good decisions we get god results.   Most of religion.."a tale told by an idiot.  Full of sound and fury signifying nothing".  But if they can get your 10% (gross if you are blessed) they win! 


Sorry, I just feel strongly on some things. :)  Better to believe in Tony Robbins at times. 



I'm surprised you're not Atheist Don.  That is why I call you a Pantheist because your views remind me a lot of Pantheism.



You've heard Jack Mormon.  Don is now a Jack Catholic.

hahahaha, I enjoyed that Nate. :)  i am just little old me, trying to do the best I can with what i have.  I went to the Mormon Opportunity Meeting.  I saw then draw the magic circles on the board, the Celestial, terrestian and the Tellestial....  I not only joined, I bought the kit and went on a two year sales spree selling their damned soap and showing the plan to everyone I met.  What a dumbass I was.

 OK, I stepped in the dog crap.  Now, If I step in it again its now not the dogs fault, but my fault.

I just try to do the best i can and my faith now does not insult my intelligence.  I uess if I tried to find "issues" I would and could.  But I just want to set goals, work hard, be a good man and rinse the clouds of Mormonism totally out of my dirty socks, I mean brain. :) 


I can still remember the entire Mass in Latin.  I don't know if that is good or bad, But its ok by me :)  A Pantiest is better than a non thinking Mormon that is so busy being blessed that they drive off a damned cliff...and are to stupid to know why.


Don, in Memphis and Vegas   ...doing Folgers!     


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