Hey guys, so I was just thinking about when Apostle David Bednar came to visit the ward I attended here in England...

The arrogance and the way he accepted the man worship that I witnessed given to him that day shocked me to say the least....

I also remember that I was sitting on the front row with everyone standing as he entered the room with his entourage, and I didn't stand and he gave me a weird stare for a few seconds... As if to say "why aren't you standing with everyone else, you peasant" look.....

The least I respect is still Brigham Young though. That guy was something else!

Anyways, I have little to no respect for Bednar now... I was wondering if anyone else had this type of experience with these so called GA's

Please share any experiences or thoughts on the worst GA's, thank you :)

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Turn to the center of the conference issue of the Ensign. Everybody in the centerfold.

Hahahaha @ "...centerfold."


I've dealt with him personally, well, there isn't a nice thing I can say about that man. (and this was when he was still the dean at BYU-I)

I can't stand listening to Eyring. He is a scientist for god's sake and yet he gets up and just spouts unadultarated bullshit. I can't respect someone with that level of cognitive dissonance.

Does BKP count?  I can't imagine why nobody mentioned him if he does.

I used to read about him in "Tales from The Church Office Building", it was a section in an exMormon site where COB (former and current) employees would secretly submit stories about the goings on in the COB. Stories about Boyd K.Packer's swearing aloud were apparently lengendary.

I looked it up, here's the link:  http://www.mormoncurtain.com/topic_churchofficebuilding.html


For one of the GAs to be in a position of "least respect", that means I'd have to have at least some level of respect for the rest.  As GAs, I don't have respect for any of them, as none of them currently in position have done much or anything to free people from the lies perpetuated by Mormonism.  I respect them only as fellow humans, but not in any fashion for their position or power in the church.  To gain my respect, they would have to publicly oppose the damaging traditions of Mormonism and renounce their affiliation until such time that the church openly accepts LGBTs and affords women the same rights as men to hold the priesthood and position of Prophet.

The "Worst of the Worst" eh? I'd say Joe Smith is the worst for starting all of this.

I'd have to go with Brigham Young too, the man was a monster:  blood atonement, castrations, herds of lonely wives, hoarding the saints' money, all just so evil.  As far as living men, Packer just has such a dark and mean countenance about him along with all the hurtful, hardline teachings he promotes, a very easy man to hate.

Having respect would require a leader who doesn't simply agree with whatever the church says and does.  However, they all seem like they have a system of what they are all going to be in unison about on nearly every controversial topic. 


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