Where you were, Where you are now, and Where you are going...

While I enjoy the posts here  -  I feel that some of things are more geared towards why the church annoys you, why it has beaten you, or why you're upset. I'd like to set a different pace... just to see where this goes.


I recently wrote a post on here entitled "It Gets Better!!", the initial intent of the discussion was to help others realize that you don't have to be stuck in this mentality and that it does get better- and to be honest I was hoping that it influenced your thoughts about your own life progression after leaving the church. Being ex-mormon shouldn't set us back, it should propel us forward. Let's set examples for others on how happy we are now, and how we move forward.


I'd like to ask a question.... What is really holding you back from living your greatest life? What is holding you back from your dreams, your goals and aspirations?

At the end of the day... for me, I answer this question with one simple answer - "ME".  I have no one to blame, no one to point fingers at, and no excuses. Every day is a new day to start a new beginning. Every day is a day to decide that NOTHING or NO ONE has control of your life except for YOURSELF.

The church influenced all of our lives. But we need to ask ourselves... when will this transitioning out of the church actually happen? When will we take our power back? We're out of the church. Let's take it back! We're in charge of our transitioning. Let's live for today. Let's live for now.  Let's get the annoying things about the church out of our system - and live our lives.

Let's make this a place of support than of mockery. Let's make this a place of understanding not judging.

I am intelligent, funny, charismatic, I have a unique talent of turning your words around to have a sexual meaning(a little inside chat joke), I am kind, I am friendly, I am ME.  My ex-mormon status doesn't define me. I define me.

Who are YOU? What was your intent on coming here? And how could we all make this a more supportive place of transition?

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I came because I haven't been to an ex mo group since the beginnings days of the internet and I was impressed with Micah's video and wanted to check out his site and see what else was going on in the ex mo world.

I was under the impression that an ex mo site is a safe haven FOR focusing on the bad. So that you can face it for what it is, work through it and move on. 


I agree with you, however I think that many of us, including myself do not have a place IRL where we can vent. The people in my life either don't care or won't listen to my thoughts and feelings regarding Mormonism. Since coming here I feel like I can express the anger, and the inconsistencies I thought and felt. What's more people here listen and respond. I think part of the transition is venting and being able to voice the feelings we have. I do like your point about not letting the church still run our lives. 


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