When you "left the church" did you continue "keeping the word of wisdom"

It would be interesting to know how many people, after leaving the church, STILL observe the "word of wisdom" for lack of a better word, out of personal choice - i.e. do not smoke, partake of alcohol, tea/coffee, etc. 

Perhaps a posting beginning: - I now......


drink coffee (speaking for myself)

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The daft things about the "words of wisdom" are that alcohol in moderation is good for you, and that mormons eat too much meat and not enough whole grains but it is never seen as a problem.

A few years ago I had to give a lesson on the WoW. I started off by handing bags of crisps round to everybody then telling how better it is to eat healthy foods. I explained that keeping the words of wisdom meant eating healthy foods like grains, and that there were many positive things to the WoW other than the "don't drink, don't smoke" rubbish.
Not to many know, JS actually made wine and Brigham controlled the liquor license that he issued in UT. So, you can't drink it but you can prophet, oh, sorry, you can profit from it!


....hope this comes through - that was a clever play on words Don! Looks like all the smart people "left"....ha ha!
:), Yes, it came through and made me laugh as well. :)

Life is short. Don't spend it hooked to someone elses plow. :)

Don, in Las Vegas
I've tried coffee and alcohol and not too tasty. Loving some of the tea, though.
It still affects how much I drink and how often. (less than I would otherwise)
So it is in there somewhere.
I never had much of a problem with the WofW. I always drank Mormon Coffee (Coke).
I just never drank in church or too much too Saturday night if I was teaching or speaking on Sunday.
Now I will have a glass or two, but I never smoked.
Hi Gene, I don't know whether I must take you seriously when you say "I just never drank in church" - come on! you must be pulling my leg!!! lol
I am always fascinated by the Coke (Coca Cola and not the other one) story - it seems that it was/is a problem in some places/areas and not in others - I had even heard once - and this could be a rumour so I am relaying 2nd 3rd, hand info - that Coca Cola was sold on temple grounds in some places. Not having been to the temple myself I could not vouch for it.
For me the WofW was not ever really about the actual "things" one was not supposed to partake of (gee! another mormon word) but more about the self control - so I suppose that meant not "partaking" of ANYTHING that was harmful, whether in moderation or excess, to one's body. I think some of the "teachings" actually stand one in good stead even after leaving the church. Take care. ;-)
The WOW is stupid. It is the equal of stating that you cannot get a Temple Reommend if you drink bottled water vs tap water, or if you drinkDiet Coke as opposed to Diet Pepsi. It is just something that has gotten way out of hand and that "out of hand" nature has become accepted.

Smoking is dumb, but it has nothing to do with theology...it has to do with cancer, etc...

I do not follow the WOW. I drink Lipton Tea, I enjoy some red wine and really enjoy some Tennessee Sipping Whiskey from tine to rare time. I don't smoke (never did) and I love Diet Sodas.

I just think the WOW is stupid and a way to plant that fish hook deep within your mind to control you.I took the hook out years ago. I am still nice, do good things and feel great!

Don in Vegas
Funny, when I left the church I also left my wife and got a divorce. The questions asked of me weren't "Are you supporting your children?" (I was and still am). "Was there any abuse?"(No there wasn't).... The first question they asked was... Word of Wisdom. It's put on a higher pedestal than almost any other church teaching. "not by commandment or constraint..." my ass!!..

Oh... and no, I don't live by it now. I don't go crazy with anything - still, all things in moderation. Actually, I love food and feel like a whole new world has been opened up when pairing things with wine and learning about the different tastes and varieties.

Don't like beer.

Getting used to coffee---more for the morning wake up than the taste though.

Alcohol - wine on occasion... other drinks too. It's never been my goal to get puking, passed out drunk.

No smoking.
You need to try coffee with cream and sugar. Not many drink it straight black. So many yummy combos to explore!
I agree! Coffee by itself is gross. However, if you put FLAVORED creamers in it, the taste is beyond belief! I like sugar free hazelnit and SF creme broulei. Damned good stuff!You can even put a teaspoon of Jack Daniels fine Tennessee sipping Whiskey in it. It is good! I like to make it the day before, let it cool and put it in the fridge to drink flavored and cold in the AM.

Coffee is great!! The old farts in Salt Lake don't want you to drink it because...they said so! :)

My husband and I still do not drink , smoke but we have drank tea or coffee freely our whole marriage. Not very often though. Maybe twice a year but our reason for not drinking and smoking or doing rec drugs or even soda isn't because of the church. We have an occasional soda but not even once a month I don't count when I needed it for my morning sickness last year because once I was over it I didn't want it anymore.

We want to maintain good health and be able to spend quality time with our children without any addictions getting in our way. In fact out of my whole family who most are active we are the only ones that don't drink soda on a regular or daily basis.

It never was because of the church but because we have witnessed first hand the devastating effects that all these things can have. So I guess technically we still keep the word of wisdom. And will do so because we our committed to staying healthy and active.


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