When you "left the church" did you continue "keeping the word of wisdom"

It would be interesting to know how many people, after leaving the church, STILL observe the "word of wisdom" for lack of a better word, out of personal choice - i.e. do not smoke, partake of alcohol, tea/coffee, etc. 

Perhaps a posting beginning: - I now......


drink coffee (speaking for myself)

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Someone help! I am not au fait with some of these acronyms/initialisms - where can I find a list? DiamondWoman - let's begin with COB....Tx
Tx DiamondWoman, I should have picked up on that one - you used it in full before.
I have always understood TBM to be Testimony Bearing Mormon.... just goes to show...
At the moment there isn't anything else but it would be nice to have a list perhaps - here in darkest A----- they were not used much except for the LDS one. When I was a member it was frowned upon to use the word Mormons (needed to say that whole COJCOLDS bit - but I believe now they WANT to be known as Mormons - read that somewhere, just cannot remember where... maybe someone else has heard of it...
I used H3 in a post. It comes from Discussion H, section 3, in the old Rainbow Discussions. it deals with the Law of Chastity. A "Molly" is a bobbled head lady that is LDS that is more of a cheerleader than anything else.

I think this brings up a great point. Could we use a small dictionary of terms and phrases for the newbie, and for Boyd K. Packer when he sneaks in on the internet to see what we say about his old butt. We know you are looking Boyd old Boy!

Don, in Las Vegas

One of Gods many powers and one that he values very Highly is his ability to give and take life....and the rattle goes on from there.

I like, I like very much....

This has been available from the main page for at least a year now: http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/forum/topics/glossary-of-terms-an...
Well, coming from a small Branch and of non BIC parents of TSCCand being a relative Newbie here now, I still don't know what Funeral Potatoes taste like! Contrary to FPR, I have not been Exed and have never worn Angel Chaps - probably because when I first saw them I almost ROFL.For a very long time I was an investigator and probably theMishies' worst nightmare as I was definitely not a Golden Contact! I did enjoy RS though and learned a lot there. I now see myself as a TBC and Postmo fully recovered. How did I do?? Thanks, I found the list most informative.

Perhaps we need to not use them at all. Or, when we do use them place what it is in parenthesis. I have problems with them as well, and sadly, tend to give minimalism the posts that contain them!

interesting comment - just when I am getting the hang of it.....Do elaborate Don as to why you tend to give minimalism the posts that contain them? I'm curious.

I now love coffee, I love Lipton Tea, I don't smoke cigs, but I tried and liked Pot. I even, living in Vegas and all, had some casual and protected ~verbal~ intercourse with some ladies at the Clubs here. :)
When you dance and it is hot you sweat. I notice garments in there and these garments leave with ladies for an hour or so. Then they come back with no garments on.!! I guess they saw the need to keep them clean and non sweaty. So they took them off for cleaning. Yea, right. WOW, H3 issues all over town, and its great!

Man, a few drinks and...bah, I don;t want to go there here, ...or do I not want to go here there? :)

Don, living in Las Vegas
One time my mother in law was staying with us and she freaked out to find that I was drinking green tea. She printed all these church talks and ensign articles and would not leave me alone all day about how BAD tea is for us. So here I am looking at this woman who is obese, has pulmonary HTN, and uses continuous O2, and eats ribs 3 times a day, frequents mcdonalds, drinks about 6 cans of diet coke a day, and a pint of ben and jerrys daily...and I was speechless.

I knew if I said anything it would not be nice so I ignored her all day. But really? This is what is so messed up about mormons...there is no common sense. I was sinning for drinkning green tea. But her overconsumption of aspartame, meat, fat, salt, and sugar were perfectly acceptable.

I've always loved coffee. I do drink occassionally at parties or when I'm out with my hubby:) I LOVE getting tipsy with my hubby. And MOST of all I LOVE seeing him drunk...don't really know why but in a way I'm happy for him or proud of him. IT took years for me to pull him away from the cult. So seeing him have fun and feeling good makes me happy.

Smoking is a death wish. I have held the hand of many patients dying from smoking related illnesses. Plus I refuse to give my hard earned money to another greedy, evil, conspiracy driven industry.
That's freakin' unbelievable, or not. I've heard similar accounts.
Having had 2 rounds of church attendance over a 30 years period, I also had 2 departures from the church and the WOW. When I first attended the church as an investigator, I was only 14 years old. I started attending after being influenced by monthly Osmonds' World mags, in which they talked at length about the church and Families are Forever, Temple Marriage etc. at the time I was a little rebellious, had been getting drunk since I was 11, but was having issues with getting very tearful at friends' parties after drinking, and also watched my dad beat on my mum on a pretty regular basis after drinking heavily...so to me, stopping drinking at 14 wasn't too hard to do, I decided I wanted to take another path and the church was the perfect starting place. So for 4 years I followed the WOW without being a church member, and it took me a year before I started drinking tea, coffee, coke and alcohol when I stopped attending, reluctantly, at age 18.

Thirty years later I returned to the church, having spent the previous years in a drunken stupor lots of times, and after suffering depression, being suicidal and almost dying from a blood clot behind my left eye after falling and hitting my head on a wall following drinking up to 4 bottles of red wine in a day when I had some bad news once. This time around I didn't really believe in he church anymore, but thought it would be easier to remain sober if I started going again, and I hoped to meet some of my old church friends again...so I was baptised and followed the WOW for a few months, I didn't want to accidentally be seen drinking tea, coffee, coke by a church member, so tried to get used to never having them again. I'd already given up alcohol, never smoked and had a couple of bad trips off weed, so I didn't have to work at it too hard, and only rarely drank proper tea and coffee anymore. So the 2nd time around I broke the WoW in regards to tea and coffee before I stopped attending church, a year after being baptised, lol.

Mike, I love your posts in general, and loved your analogy re the bank in particular. Although I wasn't in the church as an adult long enough to be fully 'assimmilated' into the Morg, I can see how members do carry spare copies of the BOM, leaflets and those little Jesus/Temple calling cards with them to hand out to strangers they bump into on bus journeys and such...very sad :(


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