If the LDS Church were to come to you and offer you money to get you to shut up about Mormonism, or cease any and all activities exposing Mormonism's fraud (leave forums, close your websites, stop printing books etc), at what price point would you sellout and take the money?(tithing refund, $100k, $1,000,000, or more etc)  And then what would you do with that money?

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I am very intrigued by this question and cannot help but wonder what brought it on... If it was a fact then I would assume there would be a clause accompanying it that one could not disclose there was an offer to begin with.

Personally, if I were in this position, it would be largely dependent on how passionate I felt about what I was doing about "getting the word out" and how much of a difference I was actually making - because there are plenty other's out there doing the same, so it does not mean it would stop completely if I took the offer. Not the answer you were looking for I am sure but this is how I see it.

In case anyone is concerned, I have NOT been approached with any such offer in exchange to shut LAM down.  This was just a curiosity that occurred to me and I wondered what price others would sellout at, if they'd sellout at all.

Has this happened?


Only examples of this happening that I'm aware of are high profile court cases against the church for clergy sexual abuse that almost always settle outside of court for millions of dollars to keep people quiet.
There is no price they could offer me.  Getting my kids out of Mormonism is more important to me than any amount of money (not to speak of the pure pleasure of having people leave in mass droves!).
I would want 100 Million, and then I would pay someone to completely secure my identity, make up and new one, and keep talking hahahaha Guess they're not gonna approach me now. Oh well....

I would do it for fifty grand a year for life in year 2000 dollars adjusted yearly for inflation.


They pay me every year, I stay quiet for that year.


I don't think that I could keep quiet indefinitely, for any amount of money.  Give me ten million now, and eventually  I am going to want to start talking again.  Probably take the initial payment and use it to fund anti Mormon activities years later.


However with yearly hush money I could probably keep quiet indefinitely


This would give me money to live well, and really do what I want regardless of other income.



4 billion the same they are spending on the mall. Than I could give some of the money to a film maker to do a trillogy on the historic life of JS.
At first I was thinking I don't want any money from them...then I realized yes, I do.. all the money I spent driving to and from for the 3 years for the 3 hours of manipulation, pain & suffering, the very little I gave in tithing, and enough to pay off my student loans for the college education I messed up by leaving there and joining the craptastic LDS faith.  So with that said, I would probably want just under $100k. 

I'd take 100k.  I speak out against the Church maybe once in a blue moon, and I'd use it to pay off my medical bills and student Loans.


Also, I maybe paid 20 bucks in tithing, so I'd rather have the 100k lol.


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