In my investigations as to what "my religion at the time" was really about, I think Joseph Smith using the hat with a peepstone must surely rate at the top of the list in being a shock to my system causing me to investigate further.

For me it was mind blowing to say the least, because all pictures and testimonies had depicted something so totally different up till then. This is what sent me on a quest to find out more and to find out things for myself and not just believe what others were telling me as 'the truth'.

I started with 'approved" church history and from there realized why there was the wording "anti mormon literature" - a very clever ploy to keep me ignorant. 

I was just wondering what your "Big Shocker" was...?.

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Let's face it folks, there's some quirky bishops out there.  I wonder how many faithful members are aware that they don't have to answer these questions, and, that they can turn these creeps in for such questions.

If you've never attended a service from another church, let's say a reformed Protestant church, I'd suggest doing so just to say you've done it.  You can hear a pin drop during the sermons, because it's not considered kosher to have babies shooting off non stop during service time.  And the sermon is something well thought out, usually based on particular scripture references that week.  You can disagree, and email the pastor, and he/she will be more than willing to discuss it with you in length.  It's not a "filler" meeting, where people just stand up and talk about their work experiences, or how they are soooo successfully raising their children.  God almighty, one of my last sacrament meetings was listening to a female friend of mine talk about exactly how she was raising her children.  I wanted to smack her.  Look at me, I'm so perfect, kind of thing, doncha know?  I also had another female friend talk about how she didn't know if the Lord wanted her to get married or not.  Droned on and on about it.  Poor thing....

Anastasia reading your brief posting made me realize that even now, after going on 8 years since leaving I too am totally gobsmacked that so many people STILL belive the BS especially when there is so much out there telling them what it is really all about.

I often wonder if lurkers on a site like this are not tempted to research and 'disprove' some of the things we have found out and shared on sites like these  - or is it really a case of not WANTING to know perhaps.... Makes me think of a situation where a wife or husband knows that their spouse is being unfaithful but tends to rather turn a blind eye.  Just a thought...

Or they sense that facing the truth means a bigger disruption in their lives than they can handle?

Most active mormons who are enlightened about the scriptures, that is, they have fervently studied them and know them, will willingly admit there are inconsistencies in the book of mormon.  The general authorities would admit that.  So for those who adamantly stand up for what they believe is the truth, yet have not even studied as much as the church has told them to, I say it's laughable.


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