In my investigations as to what "my religion at the time" was really about, I think Joseph Smith using the hat with a peepstone must surely rate at the top of the list in being a shock to my system causing me to investigate further.

For me it was mind blowing to say the least, because all pictures and testimonies had depicted something so totally different up till then. This is what sent me on a quest to find out more and to find out things for myself and not just believe what others were telling me as 'the truth'.

I started with 'approved" church history and from there realized why there was the wording "anti mormon literature" - a very clever ploy to keep me ignorant. 

I was just wondering what your "Big Shocker" was...?.

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the race issues, finding out that the temple stuff is based off from the masons, being told by the Bishopric of my ward that I need to leave my husband because he's not a good husband and father due to his disability, and many others.


I'm disabled with two kids...

Yes, i was told to leave my husband because of his disability.  We're on the outs as it is but not because of what I was told but he has decided he doesn't want to be married.  I argued with them but realized it was not worth my time to argue with them.  

My biggest shocker was the manipulation of young girls by JS by telling them that he was commanded by an angel with a flaming sword to practice polygamy or be killed on the spot. That, and that he not only practiced polygamy, but also polyandry. I was also amazed that the book of Abraham had been proven a hoax for decades and I had never heard a thing about it until I started searching.

I'm still very puzzled by the concept that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints renounced Polygamy and will tell all and sundry that they do not practice it - unlike the breakaway group - YET, it is a huge part of the Temple Ceremony belief set if you dont practice it here on earth but believe it will happen in the 'whatever' and the temple plays a part in achieving that, then surely you ARE practicing it in the here and now, but just not in the physical sense..or have I got this all wrong?

I know of a few people who are 'sealed' to more than one woman (I know though, that one woman cannot be sealed to more than one man) ----but then again, it doesn't really matter because it is all a bunch of  cotswollop anyhow...but I cannot help but think of those that live with that 'hope' . I think I have now even confused myself!

Enlightened- Amen to that, seriously, the temple does practice polygamy!  And it is totally not explained to young people until they are about the dive into the temple thinking it is going to make their whole life perfect.  So crazy how they make everything so sugar coated, but if you step back it is all BS

ALL of the above...or below... oh my where does one begin???

When my bishop and the Relief  Society President got ex-ed for having an affair in East Mesa 15 years ago.

THEN  I was at Super-Hero Sandwiches in Tempe Arizona during the 90's. It was a sandwich shop that was next to an adult bookstore. I was parking my car when I saw one the new bishop-brick members coming out the back of the porn shop.

 That was the hypocracy socker


The website was a huge eye opener for me. I remember as a kid knowing that I could never be perfect enough to go to the Celestial kingdom. .I always new I would somehow  fail. I knew I could not pray to God to make it all not true. I just had to admit I was  wicked and a disappointment to my God.

I knew the doctrine  so after i saw I started putting the pieces together it all finally made sense. God had heard my prayers of the heart and took the insanity away.. I am now free 10 years...and wonderful!

if anyone remembers that jospehlied website there was a parable of a Ford Expedition that described Mormons very well, I have often wondered what happen to the site.




Horses in the new world.

What got me started was when I finally realized that I couldn't rely on spiritual feelings to know truth because the feelings of the Holy Ghost could be interpreted in many different ways, and people of all faiths (and no faith) experience the same feelings. Next up was the Masonic elements of the Temple ceremony.

Biggest shocker was Joe married to 33 women, 1/3 teenagers, 1/3 married to someone else.  Also shocker was the first SEVEN prophets polygs and Heber Grants last polyg wife dying in 1951.  Hardly something that was a blip in history in the mid 1800s.  The concept of 'priesthood' blessings really pissed me off when it dawned on me how from tiny primary kids on up we are indirectly taught that ONLY penishood has the super duper prayers that God actually listens to and female prayers, well their (shhhhhh ok) but not where it really counts.  AND the entire concept of 'priesthood' has no religious credibility to scholars; it's all bogus.  


"Penishood"-bwa ha ha ha ha ha!  Good one!  I took a deep breath when I learned about the things you metioned MamaCthulhu


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