In my investigations as to what "my religion at the time" was really about, I think Joseph Smith using the hat with a peepstone must surely rate at the top of the list in being a shock to my system causing me to investigate further.

For me it was mind blowing to say the least, because all pictures and testimonies had depicted something so totally different up till then. This is what sent me on a quest to find out more and to find out things for myself and not just believe what others were telling me as 'the truth'.

I started with 'approved" church history and from there realized why there was the wording "anti mormon literature" - a very clever ploy to keep me ignorant. 

I was just wondering what your "Big Shocker" was...?.

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Does anybody know of the number of polygamous believers who actually get into questioning all this stuff?  The ones who still believe the original prophecy about plural marriage, but don't seem to have much knowledge where scripture is concerned?  Or, are there any here, just trolling perhaps?  I never realized there was such a large polygamous population in Utah.

One of my ancestor's wives took her kids, and left her husband and the church when she found out he was getting another wife. 

Nicholas - you clearly got her genes!

I bet there's a lot of plyg women who aren't allowed to access the internet without the approval of the man who controls them.


Kohl, The most creative question ever asked me during a temple recommend interview was if I'd ever had oral sex.  I replied none that was any good.  Asshole.

For Blue Eyes, I believe you can be a spiritual person without belonging to a particular faith.  Or even having a belief in God.

Well said!

I know of a woman who just had her eleventh child, so she can have all these people with her in the CK.  She plans to keep on going.  I always feel sorry for the oldest few.

We knew some people like that and they had quite a program: the oldest was in charge of the youngest and so on, so they were paired off.  I think by the time they moved they had 8 or 9 pairs of kids. I spy on them on Facebook and think,"why would someone want so many kids?"  I think they had kids they didn't even know. Pop one out and hand it off to the next oldest kid. Back to the bedroom!  Their house was run like a small ward, and their pantry probably looks like a grocery store (you know, with wholesome WOW-approved foods).

So many shocking things-- church history is barely anything like what they teach it to be.  But my Biggest shockers had to do with women's roles in the church and finally realizing what I was being brought up to be and what I would continue to be for the eternities: an incubator.
Actually, the sordid details of Joseph's manipulation on the wives he would marry probably was a bigger shocker.

I think legalism plays a huge role in women choosing to have a plethora of children.  Pleasing God, bringing more worthy souls into the family, strengthening the flock, etc.  Then you have those who get a real adrenaline rush out of giving birth, and all the attention given to them following a birth.  It becomes an addictive behavior.  And that's well and fine if you've got ample wealth to provide, but if kids are going without dental care and other basic necessities just so you can get your baby fix, then somebody needs therapy.


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