In my investigations as to what "my religion at the time" was really about, I think Joseph Smith using the hat with a peepstone must surely rate at the top of the list in being a shock to my system causing me to investigate further.

For me it was mind blowing to say the least, because all pictures and testimonies had depicted something so totally different up till then. This is what sent me on a quest to find out more and to find out things for myself and not just believe what others were telling me as 'the truth'.

I started with 'approved" church history and from there realized why there was the wording "anti mormon literature" - a very clever ploy to keep me ignorant. 

I was just wondering what your "Big Shocker" was...?.

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Oh yeah Sean! That was another biggie for me!

what is the LDS view "officially" on the book of the hebrews?

Sapper Daddy-lol!  "Turning into a giant asshole", cracking me up!

There are so many I found, but the biggest one I think is that Joseph Smith is said to determine who is allowed to enter into the Celestial Kingdom, and how he wrote himself into the Bible. Along with that is the whole Joseph worship attitude I saw in the church. Not Jesus or Elohim but Joseph.
The race issues.

The race issue is huge when you realize Joseph Smith ordained blacks to high positions in the priesthood and the ban on black was a Brigham Young deal. I guess God forgot to tell Joesph Smith he had a ban on blacks.


I was reading where even tho UT was a union state in the civil war, that brigham was pro south and since he was gov at the time, would have the paper place articles when ever the south made progress against the north.,and the Pres of the United States after the war sent fed troups to his home town to particularly place men and cannons at  close distance from his home in fear of an uprising by him, It was said that although it wasn't officially declared by BY that he was pro south in a union state, the union had known otherwise due to his actions in the war. I read an interview with him  he sounds like a self righteous biggot

The shocker that sent me reeling (and out of the church for good) was when I watched a TV program about the Free Masons. It was a huge "slap in the face" wake up call when they showed all the signs, symbols 'n tokens...which were a perfect match to the stuff in our Temple. Prior to that, it had been years of mental gymnastics, putting all the "cog dis" on the shelf, but after that show...the shelf cracked, split into a bazillion pieces and it all came pouring down on my head like an avalanche. Haven't looked back since!

It was the race issue for me as well.  Probably because it was the initial "shocker". I wasn't even looking for problems with church doctrine. I was just cruising along, getting interested in the history of the world.  While reading the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me", (James W. Loewen), I came across a random statement about the mormons giving blacks the priesthood, and then discontinuing the practice.  I remember how it blew me out of the water.  I wouldn't consider myself an "A" sunday school student, but I had never heard this before, and to me,  this seemed like an important piece of information. Of course, I had to investigate further.  That simple statement started my journey out of the church.

I'm sure it was just an oversight the church forgot to tell us about JS ordaining blacks. I'm sure the church wouldn't do that intentionally.   (You may detect a slight bit of sarcasim there.)

ha,not an oversight. I mistake because of their imperfections as men. lol

LOEWEN IS FANTASTIC! im a huge nerd. i think Lies My Teacher told me is the best textbook i have ever read.



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