What things do Mormon's believe that no other religion does?

What things do Mormon's believe that no other religion does? I was raised Mormon and finding out that it is complete bull shit blows my mind. I wish more people would take the time to research the religion and find out the truth like I did.

Was the pre existence a Mormon only belief?

What about the first coming and the second coming?

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I don't know about being the ONLY religion that believes these things... because I believe that JS and BY took what they wanted to practice from other religions and applied it to Mormonism.  Book of Abraham, Reformed Egyptian, Blood Atonement, Joseph smith elevated himself to godhood over and over again(see journal of discourses, and Testator), Zionism, The United order,'Sealilng' for time and eternity(messing with the next dimension*), Temple Garments,eternal progression(same as in freemasonry), lucifer and Jesus were brothers(in Freemasonry, L & Jesus are supposedly both God, but Lucifer is the 'good god'  of light, and Jesus is the 'bad' or 'dark' god), There are no crosses on the temples but there are inverted pentagrams as in satanism & freemasonry,  demon moroni from occult books, dna of Native Americans proves they are not Jewish but the current edittion still says they are. that God has flesh and bones and lives on a planet near Kolob with His many plural wives(Gonhorra, and Kakistocra are 2 of them) and children, That we have a Heavenly Mother. That there are people dressed like quakers on the moon. that Adam is God, and the father of Jesus because he had sex with Mary to concieve Him. Elohim (God) has a father whose name is Elohu, and he has a father who is Anan-Heloum. that the sun is inhabited by space aliens. read d&c 64:27-29. if you have not, read the Journal of Discourses Brigham Young teachings. white is good dark is bad, order of enoch, that Jesus was born in Jerusalem, Brigham Y instructed Utah legistature to legalize slavery ,"we must embrace slavery".Quetzacoalth considered to be Jesus Christ (Joseph Smith). probably more but Im tired right now. hope this helps in your research :) 

I think you just about covered it all Sunshine!  How on earth did I fall for all that Cr*p?..... OK, some of it I was never taught.... probably because I was kept in the 'milk' stage all those years.


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