We here that some or many LDS youth who are gay or lesbian are committing suicide. The liberal answer to that is that the Church should say "Gay is ok" and even seal them in the temple. To me, that is like promising someone a pot of gold if they dig a massive hole, and there is no gold in the first place.

It is possible that the Church may "change" and become liberal like the Community of Christ, but that time if far, far away, if ever.

Here is my solution:

The Church should teach openly that Exaltation is only for heterosexuals, and that gay and Lesbian youth in the Church should get a good education, and find a church and religion that accepts them fully, such as the Episcopal Church, the Unity churches, the Community of Christ (RLDS).  Leaders should tell parents of gay and Lesbian youth:

*Encourage your children to get the best educations possible and financially support them until they are finished with college or trade school or aprenticeship.

*Do not FORCE them to attend Church after the age of 14.

*Do NOT shun them when you discover they are gay or lesbian

*If a gay or lesbian child begins to talk of suicide, get them help immediately.

*Do not send your gay or lesbian child to any treatment which involves the use of "aversion" therapy.

*Counseling with the bishop will not cure your child.

*People cannot be forced into the Celestial Kingdom. If you child does not desire eternal marriage with a member of the opposite sex, you cannot threaten or force them to want that. All you are doing is creating hypocrites with threats of shunning and forcing your child into attending Church and living a lie.

*If your child truly desires to change their sexual orientation, or to remain celebate so they may get celestial glory, then ask the Church for help in this area, but only if your child sincerely desires this.

That's what I would say. Of course, the Church learns very slowly. Aversion therapy (electric shocks, etc.) did not work.  Having bishops arrange dates for homosexual LDS young men with beautiful LDS women (without telling these women the men were gay), for the most part, did not work. The women always found out, eventually. Disaster. Only worked with bisexuals. The 12-step system now in place, I have no idea how that is working or not. Only those involved in it really know.

Gays and Lesbians in San Francisco, who are accepted by their community, and have many friends and lovers, have a very high suicide rate.  Again, this is blamed upon the heterosexual society. Blamed upon their upbrining. Gays and Lesbians may have, genetically, a higher rate of bipolar disorder; an affliction which is high in suicide. That is genetic-caused.

If the Church is to say "Gay is Ok" then why not say "Masturbation is ok" and "premarital sex is Ok" and "Orgies are ok" and "swinging is ok". I mean, if you drop the standard for one group, why not others? Why have any sexual standards at all?


AGain, if I were the "Living Prophet" I'd tell parents of gay and lesbian youth what I wrote above: don't shun, support financially until they are finished with career-preparation, don't force them to attend Church after age 14, don't threaten shunning or financial cut-off if they don't go to Church or don't go on missions. Encourage them to get excellent educations, and support them financially while doing so. Invite them to Church, but don't force them. If the child or young adult truly wants to change, the Church has a 12-step program. But don't force them into it.

I would speak in General Confernce: "To the gay and lesbian youth of the Church. The purpose of the Church is to seal men and women in eternal marriages, and children to parents. If you truly desire this, then stay in the Church, and go through the 12-step program. Give it your all. But if you truly do not desire this, then get a good education, obey the rules of your parents while you live under their roof. If you do not desire Eternal Marriage with a member of the opposite sex, then the Church is not for you. There are many churches and religions while will accept you as you age. If you desire organized religion, then seek out these religions and churches, and join one of them."


Of course, will any "Living Prophet" say this? No. They'll continue as before.



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I think at some point, 10-20 years or so, they will openly accept and seal gay/lesbians in the temple.  They'll have to for the same reason they had to change their stance on blacks and the priesthood.


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