I am becoming confused by all the names floating around the 'was once' Mormon blogs.

When I read your posts I always wonder how you see yourself. 

So how do you interpret the following and where do you fit?


My take is:

TBM - True Believing Mormon

TRCM - Temple Recommend Carrying Mormon 

NBM - Non-believing Mormon

Post-Mormon - Out but still feeling lost

Prior-Mormon - Out and not looking back. Moved on. (My current status)

Ex-Mormon - Out and not looking for anything else 

Anti-Mormon - Out and actively fighting back 

Silent Heretic - In and active but have a lot of doubt

Jack-Mormon - Inactive and not caring 




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Some of those names/terms seem synonymous (post-mormon/prior-mormon/ex-mormon).  Rather than use terms that describe something that I'm not, how about terms that describe what I am?  Kind, loving, respectful, or human?  I like the term "former mormon" best though in describing what I used to be or belong to.  Seems to carry the least negative weight that believers often prescribe to the other mentioned terms.  

If I had to choose I would say anti-mormon. However I think the term is faulty. I think of it as more pro-truth than anti-mormon.


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