Based on your current knowledge, if you were given ten minutes to pick a mainstream religion for the rest of your life or horrible things would happen to you and your family, which would you choose?

I don't know enough about any religion, but I'd probably go with Budhism. Thankfully I can be a full time Heathen instead.

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I'd like to suggest that we leave be the remark about at least catholocism being started by an apostle somewhere in the back of our minds, where other subjects reside.

I was thinking of joining a U.U. congregation however I work on sundays and have not been able to attend a service as of yet.

U.U. is an interesting religion, but any religion you pick will have meetings or activities during the week for you to attend.  It's not an all on Sunday or nothing kind of pick when you enter the world of other religions.  My feelings and thoughts lead me towards a belief system in Universalism, having realized that no church leader ever covers the plethora of scriptures that deal with this, however, my liberal presbyteran church is very easy to access when it comes to expressing my own personal views, and hearing others as well.  It encourages questions, and I like that.

My daughter is a buddhist and is very happy with that.  After wandering around fundamentalists for many years, I came to the conclusion that they are extremely exclusionary, very limited in biblical application, legalistic, and downright mean if you don't support conservatism only, and only for purposes of  abortion.  Yuck.  Universalism falls into my realm of thinking, yet I find that closer to a presbyterian church I attend since they tend towards liberalism more, and are more socially active within the community.  No hangups about women ministers and gays, more accepting of what scripture really means.  Don't have to really do anything to please them. Don't even have to show up for that matter.  Just more interesting to be around.  My son is an atheist, and that's fine with my universalist bent.

Eurogirl, I like your description.

"There is a buddhism temple in Berlin. It is on a hill and a tiny house. Sometimes there are monks, greeting kindly. It´s the same peace there that i felt in the Mormon Church."

I think not having a religion changes my perspective about religions in general.  I can see the negative aspects of all religion, but I also have come to appreciate the artistic and peaceful side of religion, like the scene described by Eurogirl above. 

I walked into a Cathedral in New York City down by Times Square and felt a wonderful sense of tranquility, stayed for awhile and watched the candles burn and loved being there soaking it all in.  I've stated before that I love just the concept of Tibetan prayer flags waving in the wind. We've all become carbon copies of each other and one could argue that for all the bad things religion does to people, it is the last bastione of diversity left on earth.  Maybe some of these awful traditions need to be banished in favor of a more enlightened world, but I envy the world Marco Polo discovered of incredible diversity.  I'm sure it is only a matter of time before there is a Wallmart in New Guinea.

Bar Kokhba

I looked into  every religion under the sun and I have ended up a quasi buddist, aethiasist. I don't belive in god or goddess. I believe in living in the here and now and let the after life if there is one (which I doubt) take care of itself. As Mark Twain said, he is my god! I didn't worry about a God for the 1.8 million years I wasn't here and I am not worrying about after I am gone. It is the  time in between that is a pain in the butt. I clearly paraphrased the quote, my right to do as a woman, but you get the drift. Sometimes  I call myself as apathesist as I don't care if there is a god. It doesn't affect how I live here. It still feels better to treat others in a good manner and that is what I do. I like going around proving that aethiests can do good deeds. I get them all set up to ask me what religion I am and I pop that I actually don't believe in an individual God. As Pal Erdos called him, if there is a a god, he is a SOB.

I would join them all, every single collective of beings communicating in unity together over the same simple still beautiful matter of the absolute source of all life..... together we'd all realise at the same moment that we were already part of the truth and that it was enough just to be.   :)

David, I loved your response.  Thank you for giving me something really positive to start my day out with.  "Collective of beings."  Perfect....

Truthseeker, You hit the nail on the head.  A church, pastor, leader of some sort isn't necessarily needed to be happy and well rounded spiritually.  A good habit to embrace, simply for one's health as we age, is meditation, on things we enjoy, things we want to improve, people we need to forgive, etc.  As a believer I personally attest to all the universal scripture we have that leads us to the same place, our energy, our spirit, whatever you want to call it.  Many here will have a good laugh today, but I believe in gifted psychics, who can plug into that energy of those who have moved on, and what a gift that can be for those seeking peace, relief, help etc.  I love TLC's Teresa, a practicing catholic to boot.

I personally like to prove to Christians and others that you don't need God or Godesses or anything like that to do good works. I love helping people and then letting them know that they have just been helped by a non believer, just because I want to help and not because I am compelled by any God to help!

Why the need to prove anything to anybody?  It's like mormons proving to people that they are right.  When others choose to believe in God, it's subjective, and if it makes them happy, so be it.  If you choose not to, and it makes you happy, good for you.  It can get dicey for some of us who've had negative experiences with over emotional religious people who need to convince us we will burn if we aren't some how afraid of them, therefore becoming believers out of fear.  That I do not espouse or like.

church of Satan.  then I get to keep my atheistic beliefs and dress up in scary outfits, especially for halloween


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