Based on your current knowledge, if you were given ten minutes to pick a mainstream religion for the rest of your life or horrible things would happen to you and your family, which would you choose?

I don't know enough about any religion, but I'd probably go with Budhism. Thankfully I can be a full time Heathen instead.

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If hippie was a religion, I would join it. Other then that I wouldn't pick anything

I don't think I would ever really be "mainstream" because I still have beliefs that are different than any one religion. Right now I go to a Methodist church, but it does let me have my more "Buddhist" ideas without them screaming down my neck. It's nice.

The Non-Church of the Naked People:  Naked stand I before God.

Three things are certain in this life:  (1)  We're born; (2) we live; (3) we die.  Very tidy, very neat.  Any religion based on anything else is speculation...considering the quantum (?) nature of the universe where everything appears to be up for grabs.  But for sure life is for the living...not the dead.  Two of my philosophical disagreements with Mormonism are that (a) Mormons spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about the dead; and (b) Mormons spend a lot of time letting what will supposedly happen to them after death govern what they do while they are alive.  Silly, silly, silly.  Eat, drink, be happy in any practical, not-harmful way that works.  For my part one of my happy places is to rip off my clothing and get into my natural state, whenever possible.  Down with the tyranny, and masks, of clothing!  Get back to the real you that marked your birth, as often as possible (stage one in the master plan of life)...then reboot.  Each reboot is a new adventure and can't help but make for more interesting memories...which are the flavor enhancers of life (stage two)...and will provide fodder for all the lies others will tell about you...after you're dead (stage three)  As I said, very tidy and neat.

None! The whole point of churches a is to impose some system on people. At that moment, when you agree to it, you give up your reason and your will.

Your question is the exact kind of tactics the church uses to keep members in line, to threaten people's eternal life with their families.....try to get away from that line of thinking.

Myself, I would pick none!!!! I am a spiritual person who believes in GOD, but harbours a great distaste for organized religion as a whole. I can be a believer, believe in the Holy Bible and live a good honest hard working life and still gain entry to heaven without planting one foot in ANY church, let alone pick one.

In my blunt thinking and sometimes rude frame of thought, I say this......................

Organized religion is for the weak and feeble-minded folk who need someone in a suit to tell them what is right, what is wrong and what path to lead to righteousness and a life in heaven......

Sorry if that offends anyone, but it has some truth to it.


I'm actually a Dudeist Priest, which is kind of like Budhism for Dudes, like, the Dude, which gives me far more authority than I ever had in 40 years as a Mormon. 

I can marry people. you can too, after about 5 minutes on the internet. haha 

Basically still Mormon, baptized in 2000 at 43 though, I was born a Catholic.

Brother Eddie/Timboy Jr,

I hadn't expected anyone to choose Mormonism, thanks for joining us and contributing to the discussions.

Devil Bar

Your welcome.

I'd choose the LDS church because that's what I'm accustomed to and so I could talk with anyone who would listen about my new found beliefs.

Already have, but my beliefs are of universalism.  There are many of us at the presbyterian church across the street.  We became attracted to it because of it's liberalism, female pastor, social justice programs it's involved in for the entire community, but since we are a fairly small group, much of our time is spent helping the school next door.  Last year we put together 600 backpacks for kids in need.  We have house churches who are allowed to pick a social subject and run with it, beit an issue to take up with the legislature, or some other kind of issue.  No one is turned away because of sexual preference, and one member of our choir is a practicing mormon.   The mormons won't let him perform the music he writes, he's very gifted, and he hasn't left them, but he comes on Sunday to participate with the music.  I'm surprised they haves called him on it.  He introduced his grandson last week and said he was leaving on a mission for Mexico next week.  After about ten minutes the kid left.  I guess he was too uncomfortable, but for the life of me, I don't know with what.


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