Based on your current knowledge, if you were given ten minutes to pick a mainstream religion for the rest of your life or horrible things would happen to you and your family, which would you choose?

I don't know enough about any religion, but I'd probably go with Budhism. Thankfully I can be a full time Heathen instead.

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I would think by now that most people who post here would have figured out that the so called mainstream religions are wrong. Sure there are bits and pieces of goodness, but why pick any so called religious body? The very idea that you presented with the threat that "Horrible things would happen to you and your family" remind me of all of the garbage that people are trying to get away from. How about the religion that comes from within the personal conscience of the indivividual and their centered intelligence? That way the Genius within them guides, leads and teaches them personally.

Buddhist or Jewish not orthodox though. I want my pork!!!
I tend to follow own path and take from here and there like mika said .... I have always been intrigued by the Jewish relgion and traditions as long as I can remember ... Religous extremes interest me ... Maybe because I was a moemon I wonder what other "different" relgions do and how their followers believe.

Paganism and Buddhism hold views and beliefs closest to my own.  I would likely never officially join myself to any one group though.  I'm more of an eclectic, religion of self spiritualist that follows my own path and borrows from many beliefs that make sense to me.

I do have a religion. It is very personal... private... and does not involve this world. That is why the Mormons living as the Mormons have always lived is of no real concern to me, not any longer. The same with the rest of the religions in the world. I am not of them and they are not of me. I am of my own and they are of their own. I am no threat to them and they are no threat to me. It is easy. They are free to be as they wish, and so am I.

I would say Neo Paganism if I had to choose. I don't know how mainstream that is though. but it seems like one of the least offensive religions out there.

 I wasn't familiar with Neo Paganism, hopefully this is the correct description:

modern non-Judeo-Christian faith which deliberately draws upon or imitates older pagan practices. Such faiths may strive for an accurate recreation of a single older faith, or they may be highly syncretic, borrowing from a variety of ancient traditions and fashioning them into a modern context. Neo-pagan religions include Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, goddess worship, Religio Romana and Hellenismos.

The term neo-paganism was coined by Isaac Bonewits, himself a neo-pagan. The term distinguishes this modern branch of pagan religions from older and often indigenous forms of paganism that he refers to as paleo-paganism and meso-paganism.

Yep, seems spot on to me. It seems a lot more open minded and less dogmatic than other religions out there.

Asatru. I like that.

Yup, I did I googled it, never heard of it before now. Always fun to learn something new.

I'd have to say The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Though, in all seriousness, I find organized religion to be a bit stifling.  I'd prefer the freedom to act upon my own spirituality and just gain as much perspective as I can based on the available information from all world religions, science, and philosophy.


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