I don't think my views on abortion have changed since leaving the church. I'm still not about to abort a life just because being pregnant is inconvenient or used as a form of birth control.

How do you feel?

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I think it should always be a woman's choice. Whether it's something that you agree with or not, you have to consider that in countries where it is not legal, desperate women turn to back-alley procedures and many end up dying from it. It's not always because it is inconvenient. There are many reasons that women turn to abortion, and I don't think that it's a decision that anyone takes lightly.
Well, um, now that I am sort of atheist, I feel that every life is even more prescious than I used to feel. In the past I could excuse taking of innocent life with the belief that that soul would have another chance..
That being said, I also think it's a womans choice. I believe there should be more education about what happens during (and after) abortion. Women should ALWAYS be given information about other alternatives before going through with abortion.
My views on sex education in schools has changed drastically. I think school may be the only place some kids learn how to protect themselves from pregnancy, (and disease.)
I am also, for the most part, against capital punishment.
I'm just curious what you meant, Mary, when you said women should be more educated about what happens during and after the procedure. Not trying to be argumentative at all, just unclear. I have had two abortions, for the sake of not wanting my children to grow up having to have my now ex as their father. Never at any time did I feel unprepared by the doctors and nurses at the clinic about what the procedure would be like, and I have never doubted that I dis the right thing in not bearing children who would be fathered by an abusive, controlling creep.
I agree with Alycia and Mary... I have always believed it to be a woman's right, even during my 25 years as LDS. They teach free agency but only as long as it's THEIR choice for you. What hypocrites! It's a tragedy what happens when women are forced to use "back alley" procedures when it should be her right to take care of the situation properly and responsibly. And Mary's right, I also think that maybe the only way some kids are gonna learn how to handle these adult issues of pregnancy, raising a baby, STDs, etc. are in the school. It has been left to the parents and look what's happened! I'm not saying there aren't good, decent, responsible parents out there who are really put in the effort to educate their children regarding these subjects but more often than not, parents, for whatever reason, sweep the subject under the rug (so to speak) so the kids end up having to learn the hard way. It's incredibly sad. I watch Teen Mom's on MTV (which I think all kids should be required to watch)...what an eye opener; the difficulties and challenges they face are enormous and inredibly heartbreaking. Just my two cents (or three or four) :)
I am fine with even the values of the church on this one. Rape, incest, and worry about the mothers life when recommended by a competent Dr. I still think that there are a lot of people willing to adopt and who would do fine. But at the end of the day, abortion is not my right to legislate to or away from someone, that should be between a woman and her Dr. And if it's the 'week after' pill, I am not too inclined to get in a self righteous huff over that. Not going to sweat that one...but that's just me.
Isn’t it strange that atheists actually believe that life is more precious then the believers and that liberal thinking individuals are more likely to give women the freedom to choose without the guilt? Guilt is a big factor that weighs on the women’s choice to forfeit a life or to create a deformed life, and it is the religios right that will persecute her.We now live in an age that allows us more knowledge and scientific confirmation on fetal development. Is it right to bring to life a life that cannot enjoy life as a healthy individual? Personally, I would not want to condemn a soul to live only in a world what they are not aware of or can only dream of obtaining. Once the life is here, it will try to survive... Abortion is an individual decision and people should give support to those that choose it. I am also in favour of euthanasia.
So True
I have always, and will continue to believe that abortion is not for me. That said, I don't feel that it is my right, or ability to tell others how to live their lives.

Easily put, I, myself, am pro-life, for the rest of the world I'm pro-choice.
Thanks for sharing this.
I have had to think about this because of past events. Now just for clarification, you are asking for our view on abortion, right? Not for our socio political view? I had a conversation with this other parent at the playground a few months ago. He was railing about people who voted pro choice and how they were basically baby killers. I told him that I voted that way and pointed at my kids, then asked if that were true how might he explain the existence of my two live children playing with his children. So, my point, in absolute terms, I would love to see the practice ended--in situations where it can be avoided. For my part I have been doing my best to live within those absolute terms.
Thanks for the clarification DiamondWoman,
My view has not changed since I was L.D.S. I felt it as I do now, but my views now are colored by experience. The first time I ever had to think about actually what I believed happened when I was sixteen. A Planned Parenthood opened up in the strip mall next to our chapel; some of the Relief society members, my mom included went to protest. Whatever Sunday School class I was in had a big discussion about about abortion and the role Planned Parenthood played. Most of us agreed that: Planned Parenthood was good and who were we to judge someone for making the decision to end a pregnancy. This all came up because some of the young women were asked to protest, they declined.

This all took place in West Jordan Utah in about 1986.


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