I don't think my views on abortion have changed since leaving the church. I'm still not about to abort a life just because being pregnant is inconvenient or used as a form of birth control.

How do you feel?

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wow. good for those young women who declined to protest. I don't know why hearing things like this still shock me.
I think there are a lot of values that I will not/have not let go of since leaving the church - abortion is one of them. But that is ME and I will never judge another person who has made that decision because I have not walked in their shoes.
I would have to agree that my opinions have not changed significantly since leaving. That being said, while I would hope that abortion would not be necessary, I am in full support of it as a choice and an option for those who need that service. There are so many instances where a pregnancy happens when it shouldn't, unfortunately. It's not a procedure without pain, both physically and emotionally, and that should be taken into effect, but to remove the choice to take advantage of a professional and safer procedure, in my opinion, is completely wrong.
I am not in favor of abortion, end of statement. Yes, there are theological reasons, however, I just love kids really gets more to my motivations. When they smile at you, or just laugh and they have no teeth, they are sweet. Trust, valor, honor and a condom can make the world better.

Why is it ithat a person that believes and practices spaying and neutering will not use a condom. A condom relieves the stress and worry of the moment.

My views have not changed one bit since I left the church. I am firm in feeling abortion should be at the discretion of the woman who is pregnant. This is the epitome of free agency.
I wouldn't be happy if someone I know closely chose it, but at the same time I don't feel like it's my place (or government's) to choose for someone. So I'm somewhat against it, on a personal level, but politically I'm pro-choice.
You communicate your idea very well.

My views are for my life, and others have the right, as you do and should, to feel as they wish. I do not share them to preach to others, but to share my views.

I do not so much feel "against" abortion, as I feel "for" babies. We can practice contraceptives (the Pill and condoms) and not start the process that brings babies into the world. We can also practice discipline. I just love babies. :) If you keep them clean on one end and fed on the other and warm in the middle, they turn out ok.
I had a blast at BYU (read between the lines there). I just love screamin munchkins :)


Don :)
I appreciate your answer Don. It seems like the babies should get a choice.
I think abortion is a terrible thing but I don't want to use governmental force to address it. I just wish we could do something about the terrible circumstances and beliefs that lead to abortion being considered the better choice.
I don't think my views on abortion have changed since leaving the church. I'm still not about to abort a life just because being pregnant is inconvenient or used as a form of birth control.

How do you feel?

I think it is too bad that even though you have left the Mormon Church can still sound (at least at times, as here) brainwashed. That is exactly what they tell you at church -- women who get abortions do so because they "just think being pregnant is inconvenient" or they are "using abortion as birth control." Uhm -- noooooo? Women get abortion because they don't feel your feelings or think your thoughts about their pregnancies. Nor do they feel the feelings or think the thoughts they are instructed to feel and think by "The Brethren" and their ilk. Those women, marvels of marvels, think their own thoughts and feel their own feelings about their pregnancies.

Here are just a few things to consider:

If you have a "miscarriage" (actual medical term, spontaneous abortion) during the first trimester of pregnancy would you name the child, hold a funeral, and bury him in the family cemetery plot? It not, why not?

You know that for every egg that implants and becomes a pregnancy, as many as five to a dozen eggs are fertilized but do not implant in the uterus. If you are like the average, sexually active woman you probably have had scores of "unborn babies" pass through your body this year, entirely unnoted. If not this year, another. As (we can safely assume) you didn't so much as pause to shed a tear, is that because you would have found being pregnant "inconvenient" or because you are using the vagaries of Mom Nature as birth control? Or was this for an entirely different reason -- that fertilized eggs aren't really so much people, no matter how often it is piously pronounced they are?

Finally -- consider that every society on the planet has had abortion. This is simply extraordinary -- as most societies lived in times and places were fertilitiy was highly valued, for obvious reasons, and resources were seldom scarce. Man power, however, often was.

Women simply need to control their fertility. Through most of human history this hasn't been spun into anything self-righteous, self-contradictory, anti-woman, controlling, or manipulative -- perhaps because there was no political percentage in doing so?

You accept the insulting view of Mormon men of those who disagree with them or scare them, just as you once (again, I will assume) accepted their insulting view of "anti." Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. Sigh.

It sounds like you are upset with those who claim abortion is mainly used as birth control, but then go on to say that the unborn are of little consequence and that abortion should be used as birth control, and that this idea should be embraced. Why take offense and label people as brainwashed for stating that abortion has a purpose that you yourself advocate?


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