Being an avid reader of things historical and religious I would like to know how you now feel about two things.


1. The Mormon Church: from 1 to 10.

      1 being the least positive and 10 being the least.


Is the Mormon Church:

1 - Just an other church with good and bad, but not inherently evil.


10 - It is a cult that sucks out the life and money of its members and should be actively opposed.


Are the GA:

1 - Mostly really nice men that truly believe the doctrine and try to do the right thing.


10 - Those guys know what is going on and out of love of their position and all the praise they get, keep it  all going.


(I am at a 9 on the first and about a 5 on the second)




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But of course there's no way to know their motives for sure. I wouldn't put it completely past them to just be downright evil. :)
warts on the butt of mankind. hahahahahaha awesome. :)


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