What is the biggest draw/attraction to mormonism?

I am curious to know what others see as the biggest draw or attraction to mormonism? For my mom, who was a convert at 23 years old, it was the emotional intensity and the draw of being superior and knowing something that others don't know.

My 6 siblings and I were born into the church so we had no choice in the matter, but out of the 5 who have stayed active TBMs the draw is also the feeling of superiority and the default living. They live by default and don't have to think, parent, etc because they just default to all church teaching and outlines. The attitude of superiority is a hug divide between me and my TBM family members. I don't think that gap will ever be bridged because they refuse to respect the way I live, although I make a huge effort to respect their desire to live TBM.

Just curious to know what others see as the major draw or attraction of the LDS church?

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I'm a native Texan and a convert to the LDS faith.  I joined specifically because of a modern prophet and modern day revelation.  I left when I discovered that the prophet and apostles do not receive revelation from God.  If asked, they will give answers that skirt the question and often call into question the integrity of the person asking.  The church is a fraud.  It is a large corporation intent on maintaining control over its members.  In the name of "Free Agency" the church takes away any decision making on your part. 

There are many good, kind, and humble people that are LDS.  But the truth of the matter is that the church was started by a con man and it is controlled today by a closed group of OLD men that seek to maintain a firm grip on the lives of its members.  Seek to find any transparency in the financial affairs of the church.  A god of truth doesn't need to hide anything.

I think  focus on family,  healthy living (though i find the mormon view a bit extreme) wholesome and safe communities social benefits of the church ..

I think these are the greates draw of the mormon church .... and it should stay that way because they are great benefits in life.

They are other aspects which are big turned down such as the 10 % tithing, the extreme teaching of the word of wisdom, the polygamy past of the church ( a big one that one), the shunning of others, the sexism in the church, the "only true church"... blah blah, the focus on Joseph Smith when it should be about christian living and principles, the forcing of large families ...

But i definitely thing there is good in the mormon church although there is also bad

My biggest draw to Mormonism was the Social aspect.  I was a foster child who did not feel accepted by the families I had lived with, and when I first attended the Mormon Church one Sunday the people were so nice and accepting. A few of the members knew my Biological Father and Mother and remembered me when I was a child. I felt I had a home which I had never truly felt in my life. I accepted the doctrine like a sponge. When I turned eighteen I immediately joined. I truly felt I belonged. I wasn't the Foster Child who would not amount to anything in life. I was part of the group. 

because this is a forum where you can express your views without fear of being shouted down I am going to say this only ....."I think you are wanting to join the mormon church for all the wrong reasons and you will find out by and by" I actually hope, for your sake, I am wrong. Take care.

to quote you Mary: "What is the real reason to join with a church if not the ones I mentioned"?

Hello???? how about their beliefs regarding their doctrine?

I take it you accept the whole package from Joseph Smith to anything that followed thereafter? If your answer is yes then there is nothing more to discuss.

Someone once said that if one did not accept JS and all he stood for as a true prophet but was drawn to the church because of its social structure, values and good works, one may as well join the Rotary Club because they have all those attributes (without the complications of a doctrine).

I'm done - thanks for the chat

mormonism is a cult.  its tenants are built on lies by its founder.  any benefit it provides to the world is meaningless due to its innate nature to prevent people from being individuals, living holistic lives and enjoying their individuality.

I don't believe in any divine judgement.  I believe in natural cause and effect in our material reality.  That is what proves itself organically.  There's no need to find a supernal truth outside ourselves, as well.  Why?  Because truth is within our very beings.  There is no need to follow a man, but to follow our authentic sense of Self, from where we are, as we are. 

Its irrelevant if your friend is a former prostitute.  What is relevant is that the LDS church is not truth, but fiction is the most demonstrable sense.  The Book of Mormon has no relevant historical counterpart that confirms its claims of being an actual history of a lost peoples.  The LDS leadership provide pretty phrases and poems and stern words as "revelation" from a God who routinely demonstrates narcissism in his approach and behavior toward mankind in the fiction called scripture.  The Priesthood yields no miracles and no supernatual authority.  I know.  I once "held the Priesthood".  I grew up in this church.  I served a mission.  I lived in Idaho and Utah amongst the Saints.  It simply is not truth because it does not behave as truth does - meaning it will yield the results it claims to.

IT works.  If I make a claim that throwing a basketball into the air and it will return to the ground is true, the basketball will do just that. 

That is how truth behaves.  It has integrity.  It doesn't require blind faith.  It can withstand testing and scrutiny.  It proves itself by the very use of it.

Nothing in the church has been able to withstand scrutiny by many, many members who became ex-mormons.  This is telling.  It is also telling that those members that do believe explain the failures of mormon truth to prove itself as God's "test of faith" or some weakness within themselves.  The people are not the problem.  The system is.

Sup Astro.  How are you?   How's the Wholly Family?

what gives you this idea?

It isn't to me.  I've been on LAM for nearly 2 years.  Its been a lively place and has its sleepy moments.


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