What is the biggest draw/attraction to mormonism?

I am curious to know what others see as the biggest draw or attraction to mormonism? For my mom, who was a convert at 23 years old, it was the emotional intensity and the draw of being superior and knowing something that others don't know.

My 6 siblings and I were born into the church so we had no choice in the matter, but out of the 5 who have stayed active TBMs the draw is also the feeling of superiority and the default living. They live by default and don't have to think, parent, etc because they just default to all church teaching and outlines. The attitude of superiority is a hug divide between me and my TBM family members. I don't think that gap will ever be bridged because they refuse to respect the way I live, although I make a huge effort to respect their desire to live TBM.

Just curious to know what others see as the major draw or attraction of the LDS church?

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Mary, are you getting the info you were looking for? I quickly skimmed through the replies, but it is unclear to me if you are satisfied with the answers that were given. I am glad that you are being cautious with this decision. I don't want to sound super paranoid, but I think that part of what the others on here were trying to tell you is that in the church, we were often taught "milk before meat". What that means is that we do not teach things that people are not ready to receive. So, basically, it's like this...if you ask your Mormon friends why Joseph Smith practiced polygamy,they will likely hesitate to answer because they will be afraid of giving you a doctrine that is "too tough" for your limited faith at the moment. They will likely answer you with something pretty-something like "Well, there were a lot of widows in Nauvoo that needed to be taken care of." or "He didn't want to, but an angel said he had to!" and leave it at that. However, if you ask to see the actual doctrine (Section 132 of the Doctrine & Covenants), they might get a little itchy over that. The fact is that Mormons still believe in polygamy-some even believe that they will have to practice it someday. But they don't want you to know that. You only find that out once you've been in a while.

My caution to you would be to not think that they are going to be OK with you living some rules and not others. So, your mormon friends that support gays? They are not allowed to go to the temple. They could be ex-communicated, depending on who is in leadership at the time. Supporting gays is a Mormon NO-NO. And Mormons have a saying..."When the brethren speak,the thinking has been done." That means that if you have an opinion that goes against the doctrine, or if you don't feel like paying tithing or obeying the word of wisdom, you'd better keep your mouth shut unless you want to be disciplined by the church. (Formal discipline involves an actual church court, where the "judges" are male church leaders)

It could be true that your specific friends in your specific area may be more liberal than most Mormons. The problem is that all Mormons are ruled by the Church handbook, and the more closely you adhere to the handbook the more "righteous" one is considered. So really, it's just a matter of time. Everyone has to step in line, or risk losing their temple recommends (and, therefore, their "eternal" families.) 

I saw you asked about underwear...once Mormons go through the temple to receive their endownments, they are required to where a church issued underwear that looks like an undershirt and a knee length boxer brief. They are required to wear the underwear at all times for the rest of their lives. Mormons believe that their "garments" protect them and that they represent the robes of the priesthood. They also serve as a modesty guideline, since your garments are not supposed to be showing.

I do agree with you that the church has good programming. However, the main purpose of a church is to worship God. I would advise that you find a church that #1)worships your God, and #2)worships in a way you agree with. Everything after that is sort of secondary. There are plenty of churches with good programming. I think emergency preparedness is pretty cool, too...the problem for me is that Mormons think that if you don't get your food storage in that you displease God. I guess I just think since God gives me every breath I take, he kind of thinks emergency preparedness is nowhere near as important as actually loving him.

I hope this helps! Sometimes I just ramble a lot. Especially when it's something I actually care about.

Bloody Mary is the girl I love!  

Now ain't that too damn bad!

A lot to get off my chest?? No, actually. I thought those were the questions you were asking...?

@WoahNellie - methinks there is more to her postings than meet the eye. I'm even beginning to question the sincerity of wanting answers. Is there a big spoon awarded for stirrers because we have a candidate here.

Ah, goes to show I should go to bed when I'm tired instead of looking around on here! lol Actually, it's been quite a while since I got trolled. It almost makes me nostalgic! lol

@ Mary.....ever heard the saying "fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me?"

I think you are just seeking attention quite frankly and that is soooo boring....

Mary unless you are into narrow minded people, I don't see you getting too much support and friendship in a church when you aren't even sure that you believe in it or not.

So you want to join a religion built upon fraudulent doctrines and lies just so you can get support?  Why don't you try a meetup group instead?  Why join a cult to get support?  

Not much going on.  Just mindless chat.  Haven't talked with Micah for a while.  How's life been treating you?

The same narrow people, the same mindless chatter.

Good point William.   You do come-up with new ways of looking at things.  

I hear Joseph Smith was charismatic and Brigham Young dynamic, but somewhere along the line, the doldrums set-in.

Interesting question.  I haven't yet read all of the responses, but I think some people need parenting all their lives.  I think for some people having rules and boundaries keeps them balanced.  I'm certain there are many Mormons who really are truly happy with who they are within the religion. I think it is unfortunate that those who need the religion, impose their rules and regulation on those who do not. We are all individuals, it is impossible to think that one set of rules fits us all.  I think just as I will show them respect for what they believe, I have the right to expect them to show me the same kind of respect.  I think it is important to point that out.


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