One thing that keeps me motivated as the community manager and founder of LAM is hearing from you all how LAM has helped you in one way or another.  If LAM has provided you a unique experience from other communities, or helped in your journey in any way, I'd love to hear your "LAM Success Story" as I call them.  You can share simply what LAM means to you, what site feature you enjoy the most, how you have benefited from LAM, or whatever meaningful tidbit you come up with.  Thank you all for being members of this community.  It would not be the fun, healing and social place it is without your many contributions.



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I guess I will be the first. I had a support system for my morgbot issues on facebook, and it was great. After awhile I thought I didn't need it anymore. I had my life under control. I didn't want to burn down LDS buildings lol. So I left because  I felt like they were just stabbing at the church still and I was past that. Then a situation arose with my daughter (sex ed) and I panicked. I rejoined the group, posted and waited. No reply; It seemed that it was dead. I googled and found (or whatever), but it looked prissy. The search continued, till I found LAM. It seemed to be more my style. I quickly found support here and friends. I am a stay at mom, which means I have no life. Lam became my social outlet in the two weeks I've been here.


Thanks LAM!

Dear Micah :)


LAM has become very important to me for many different reasons. I feel like I can come here at when I'm having a down day or a "the church did this to me" moment and people understand without me having to explain it to them. When I try to discuss the pain I'm in with the nevermo closest to me (the bf), he just doesn't understand. He didn't live it, he doesn't understand or know much about the church, so he doesn't know why I'm so frustrated/sad/angry/hurt/etc. Coming here allows me to have all those feelings and know that they are valid. Everyone here understands where I am and is on the same path I am on.


It's nice to have a sense of community. I feel like I'm able to enjoy the community feeling I got from the church, only in a more genuine way. I feel like even though we are able to leave the church, there are things the church provided to us that we still crave and I appreciate that LAM is able to give me what I need. 


Another thing I love about LAM is that people are open and expressive. People aren't pretending to be perfect!!! I feel like LAM is the only place where I can come totally as I am without fear that someone will try to change me or judge me. 


Plus...have you seen the hotties on this site? My word! :) 

Maybe you should introduce me to some of these hotties.

I agree with loveslabourslost,


It is nice to find a place where you can discuss about the good aspects and bad aspects of mormonism without being judged as a "trouble maker" or an "apostate" because you are questioning the not so good teaching or past of the church.

It is also nice to meet people who have the same issues and extremely nice to meet new nice people (because, there are plenty nice people in the mormon church though i find some too extreme and intolerant about others especially those who made mistake or dont agree).


The sense of community is great too ... and meeting new people who are basically nice (or i hope they are).

I am here because I wished to explore the flip side of the Mormon religious and sociocultural coin.  As my username suggests, I have many thoughts that have arisen of late about Mormonism that I wish to explore, thoughts that I feel really don't belong in your typical meetinghouse or chapel.  This site to me seemed the place to put them, and I also think this site is well-balanced between the social and intellectual aspects of post-mormon thought.
Finding out about the history of the church has devastated me. I have felt suicidal, broken, worthless, and pointless. Coming here gives me hope that there is indeed Life After Mormonism.
Thanks for sharing Truthordare.  Life does go on outside of Mormonism, and often with more potential for joy, fulfillment and peace.  Hang in there.  It does get better.

Thank you very much for sharing your true feelings and thoughts, they are indeed very inspiring.

You are truly not alone and things do get better.

It seems like quite a few people go through those feelings when they begin to question and then finally see themselves as "separate" from the Church. It's scary, hurtful, dangerous. But it does get better. In the meantime, "You are not alone."   Through the lies, I finally began to recognize the truth they hid or blurred. When I came to understand the reality behind the characters and events, I became comfortable as an ex-mormon. For me, it took some years. But I've known some people who got through it in months or even less. They usually had not been in the church too long.  What was probably the most important thing in my getting beyond those negative feelings was finally finding some actual, factual support groups - people who knew from experience what it was I was experiencing.  And I made personal friends with some of them. Imagine that, being friends with apostates. 

I think that the most influential aspect of LAM in my case is the ready to use network of people that are going through what I am going through. I went out this evening with my wife and we were talking about how positively meaningful our exit from the church has been, and I could remember some of the experiences of people that I read in this website. I am excited to find out how people feel and how they cope while they are going through this difficult journey. It is for me very inspiring.


Thank you,




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