I'm curious to know why people chose their Avatar and screen name.

I also wonder if the username or picture affects your perception of them.  Not to pick on anyone or single anybody out, but when you see the real person in their Avatar, it makes me feel a bit more at ease or connected to them. 

I find my perception changes the longer I'm on.  There is one Avatar that shows the person as the one anyone would like to be with at a party, and yet her posts show a more serious and caring side.  My perceptions of that person (as well as everyone else) have always been positive, but have also changed over time.




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My name and avatar (red lotus) are symbolic in buddhism... hang on i will paste it:

Red Lotus (Skt. kamala; Tib: pad ma chu skyes): This signifies the original nature and purity of the heart (hrdya). It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion and all other qualities of the heart. It is the flower of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.


I loved that, It just describes me. lol I plan on getting a redlotus/dragon tattoo as soon as i save up for it. (dragon = protector, compassionate protector = me) 



You know the other thing about a lotus---it has it's roots in the muck and the flower above it.   The muck is delusion and the flower, realization.   You can't have the flower without muck.
My screenname reflects an aspect of my person, as a man who thinks deep, even about the little things.  Family and friends say I think too much and they may be right, but I feel it's better to think deep than not think at all, which is what partly influenced me to question my formerly held LDS beliefs.
I was using my real name, until this site went public.   When I was trying to come up with a new tag it had been raining and gray for about two weeks, so it seemed.  Anyway, all I could think about was how sunny it was in my old hometown, Salt Lake City.   Just to reinforce my choice, my sister, who lives in Moab called almost 20 minutes after I logged off and told me how nice the weather was and how great her hike to the rim was that day.

My avatar is from the Puccini opera La Boheme.  Rodolfo is the lead character in the opera.  He is a Bohemian, a poet and a typical bohemian artist guy slightly on society's margins in various ways.  The opera is essentially about Rodolfo's passionate love affair with the flirtatious seamstress Mimi.  The pair are alternatively together and broken up.  Ultimately we discover that Mimi has a serious fatal illness, and despite Rodolfo's love for her, in the end she dies tragically. 

Mormonism represents the "Mimi" in my life.  Something I loved passionately and believed completely even though I was always a bit of a "bohemian" seeker and searcher for truth.  Eventually I discovered the fatal illnesses of mormonism and had to tearfully watch it die. 

My name is my husband's pet name for me. I've had it since we were married nearly 15 years ago.  I use it for all of my accounts...ebay and stuff.  My avatar just matches the name and was sent to me by one of the members here in chat.  I was using my real photo, but no one else did so I changed it.  My real photos are on my member page for anyone interested in me anyway.

I changed my avatar almost a week ago, and Creativebliss said "From couch potato to Space Odyssey, what a transition!  The transition was accidental.  Friday night, some of us were going to see how many people we could confuse by all taking the name of Mike with a state after it.  We also changed our avatar to the generic one.  In trying to change my avatar, the first picture I came to is the one you see now, so I put it as my avatar temporarily.  I changed it to generic for friday night, then back to the space station because I liked it better than couch spud.

I may change it again.  I plan on putting several images on my page and asking for everyone's opinions before deciding.  I'll put my old couch potato on, another 2 or three space pictures, a DNA picture, and a nice one of me when I was about 6 years old, sitting on my back porch with our cat sitting upright by me.  Haven't found it yet, but if I remember right, the cat was almost as tall as me.

Bar, I am glad you mentioned that you feel you can connect with the person when you can see a real image of them.  This is exactly why I chose to put my real face up!  I was not sure how to go about my Avatar at first, then I soon realized I was able to connect better when I could see their face!  So I went with that in hopes that people can see who I am.  I love people and life and getting to know others.  I wear a smile majority of the time.  But having said that, I also love to see the craftiness that people poses in their choice of Avatar.  Yours makes you look famous somehow, it could be that pose with the hand,slight comfortable smerk eh?  My name is real also.  Well, Roz is shortened actually.


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