I'm curious to know why people chose their Avatar and screen name.

I also wonder if the username or picture affects your perception of them.  Not to pick on anyone or single anybody out, but when you see the real person in their Avatar, it makes me feel a bit more at ease or connected to them. 

I find my perception changes the longer I'm on.  There is one Avatar that shows the person as the one anyone would like to be with at a party, and yet her posts show a more serious and caring side.  My perceptions of that person (as well as everyone else) have always been positive, but have also changed over time.




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I decided on HazelWings because another identity I wanted was taken   Hazel because of my eye color and Wings because I feel like I have freedom since leaving the church.  My avatar is because I'm always the one behind the camera, but hope this Easter to get some with me and the kids since I do like real pics better.  But Miss Piggy rocks the curves

I couldn't find a picture I liked of me and while looking found the picture I am using.  Reminds me that although I reject the religious beliefs they still influenced my life albeit in a weird way, thus the Sphinx of JS at Gilgal gardens.  Caspur is often a pseudonym I used, it is a Vampire character I played in a role-playing game a while ago.


I am sure they affect the perception but even with a real name and a current photo it would only reveal the barest glimpse of an individual.

I was going to answer your questions, but I didn't understand.
One interesting thing I've noticed, i've had 2 or 3 people on LAM say they thought I was female.  The last said it after they saw me on Video Chat.  They didn't know why, and I'm just curious to know why.  I'm not sensitive about it, just a curious guy.  If any of you have thought that, I would be interested in any thoughts you might have on why.


When I first started chatting with LAM Chop, I assumed he was female because that name just sounds female to me.  Weeks later, I was still forgetting, and thinking he was a she.  I think I'm over that now, but not certain.

The only reason I can think of why some might assume I'm female, is because I very seldom use swear words or crude language or thoughts.  I don't think it's because my name, Idaho Spud, sounds like a female name, but I could be wrong.  

The reason I chose Idaho Spud on LAM instead of my real name is because I still have some reservations about giving away too much information on the internet.  Sounds like it could be dangerous.  I started using the name Spud many years ago, when I was traveling back & forth between California and Idaho, and talking on the CB radio a little.  Potatoes are my favorite food, I used to harvest them by hand when the schools let us out for two weeks to help with the harvest, and I always thought the word Spud was funny.  A few years ago, when I started frequenting the internet movie sites, I used Spud again, then changed it to IdahoSpud on my favorite site.

On two of my favorite sites, I used Eeyore as an Avatar because I'm like him and find him funny.  I tend to see things negatively (I like to call it realistically), and I'm a bit of a curmudgeon.  I chose the Couch Potato Avatar for LAM because of my name, and because I find it amusing.  After using it for a while, I see a few similarities with myself and my Avatar.  I'm fat, bald, have droopy eyes, have brown spots on my face, and tend to be a couch potato.

Micah or someone on chat today said my Avatar should indicate that I'm male.  I don't know if that's true, but  that spud does look male to me.

Good point.  I probably didn't think of that because I've always liked colorful things.  Wear Hawaiian shirts a lot.
I think it's the lavender couch that gives off the feminine vibe.  And the *ho* in *I-da-ho* is usually in reference to a female.  So perhaps a more manly couch and taking out  the *ho* may masculinize your avatar's appearance. 
Never thought of the "ho".  That's funny
It says so much more than that. It says you're magical.

Akamar is after a character I created for a short story. It stuck, as it was often not taken for usernames on websites I'd sign up for. I have a strong dislike for having numbers in my nicks, and was getting a little weirded out about naming myself after an RP alter ego I played often.    After I started becoming more prolific with my art, it'd sort of become a pen name, and has sense stuck (though I do also use Twilakam in some places)


As for my userpic.. I'm not even sure what I got up there. Probably some tiny version of artwork I had done for that afore mentioned alter ego.

Actually, the one I have up is a commissioned piece I had someone on DA do for me. I don't think I HAVE posted any art on here.. shared a picture I was working on for someone in chat.
Mine is based on several things.  Die Lorelei is a German song I learned in college.  The girl has blond hair and sings.  There is also a legend of Die Lorelei in Germany a rock in the Rhine River.  I was born in German an army brat. :) it seemed to fit me.  The picture of the sailboat is how I see myself now, a voyager traveling and learning new things.  It is a line from a Walt Whitman poem, Now Voyager, go thou forth to seek and find.
Whitman's "Song of Myself" is an amazing poem...long, but amazing


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