After alot of discussion with my kids on what does religon stand for, I came to the realization that the comon thread is love. What is life without love? What does love need? Is the feeling of love "god"? Or is what we mistake for "god" love of our selves kids spouses? One example that i have is at my kids band concert, this christmass i had that burning in the bosom that is so often an example of gods affirmation. Was it god or just my love for music and my boys?

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I find that "burning in the boosom" feeling an emotional response to the direct stimuli feeding my senses, whether that is music, speech, experiences, memories, food or what have you.  What ever it is, it's the result of the thoughts in your head matched up with the stimuli to your senses (or even just thoughts alone being the stimuli) and resulting in the emotional good feelings of love, peace, happiness or joy.  I personally don't subscribe that feeling to God, but perhaps I would to Love and our biological makeup and physiology.  It's a wonderful thing to experience and not exclusive to those who think they are privileged of being worthy of it or the Holy Ghost or whatever they attribute it to.  We can all experience it, almost at our own whims even.
Mormons are the only ones who talk about burning in the bosom.  Evangelicals use emotion as a huge factor in recruiting and keeping people in their belief in God.  For me, it's just about trying to live for something better, a better kind of love than I knew as a child.  Forgiveness plays a huge role in that as well, especially this time of year, a time of self reflection and forgiveness.  There's also a supernatural element in it, but that need not be discussed.  Some use religion to keep from going to hell.  There's just a ton of ideas and information out there.  Many, like the Budda aspect of religion to just keep focused and keep a sense of non-violent ideas and peace within themselves.  Whatever it is, if it is for the promotion of good, love, social justice, and lack of fear, it can be considered a good thing.


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