I posted a forum on how to get over mormonism, now I would like to ask you, what do you like from your post mormon life? what have you discover that makes you happy? which activities you enjoy now?

I enjoy more time with my family, I enjoy with a greater sense of the that love unites me with my wife. I enjoy doubt and uncertainty, makes me grow, so many things...

 There is positive, there is happiness (realistic one), there is hope and relief I think,... what do you say?

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  • Being able to think for myself, using my own logic and reason to decide what ethics, morals or ideals I value and perpetuate
  • Letting go of judgmental thinking and now being able to see the whole world as my family circle; being able to look past the actions of people to the hurting soul behind the action with a greater sense of compassion and love
  • Being real with people, not having to fake that I am perfect or have the perfect family, life, etc

Those are a few that came to my mind.

I like your response and agree with your three points.I couldnt have said it better.

Most likely not having to believe something based out of complete bias.  My mother thinks I am going down a dark road when so far it is looking lighter than it ever has looking forward.


The only thing I am not enjoying is all these guilt trips even from non-LDS friends and family saying I'm giving up on God too easily.  I had my doubts about God for five years now with the church being the only thing that was holding my faith together.  Now that the church is gone, going back to Bible study is going to add up to the same result of things not making sense and me constantly scratching my head worrying about something we will never possibly know about.


I agree with Mike, and not being judgmental. Discovering the best qualities in human-kind, whether they be Muslim, Hindu, Christian or whatever else. Not enforcing my traditions on other people. Travelling to their countries, sharing their customs and helping to make our little world a much smaller, nicer place.

I enjoy being alive. I enjoy the feelings of happiness and bliss. I enjoy the thought of a future without doom and gloom. I enjoy feeling like a newborn baby, free from prejudice, judgement, having love for everyone, seeing the world and others as part of myself. As where the world used to be small and fear lurked in every corner, it is now huge and there is hope and light. It's wonderful!!

Short and sweet -

a sense of freedom from constant awareness of having to strive for "perfection" - especially by standards set by an organization that wasn't always truthful in what it led me to believe when I was a member.

Strangely enough this freedom only came about on receiving acknowledgement of my resignation.


Thanks to all of you for reminding me of many of these things.

Things I like from my post-mormon life:


It feels like an incredibly heavy burden is being lifted from my shoulders, 

leaving me free to find out who I really am, and free to find real joy.


I like not feeling guilt about natural sexual desires and not feeling guilty about doing things my way.

Not feeling guilt about a thousand things that I can now see no reason to feel guilty about.


Not feeling frustrated because I’m not perfect.


I don’t fear death anymore.


I’m pleased with becoming less and less inflexible and judgmental about other’s lifestyles.  


I’m happy to find-out that a lot of “sin” is just the opposite.  Actually good for you.


I’m so happy that my reasoning ability is not stifled anymore.


My sense of awe and wonder at the world and the universe is increasing dramatically, compared to the narrow sense of wonder that the church teaches.

Sundays!  Now I actually have a restful weekend.

I also love Sundays--I go running, take time to make my coffee just the way I like it, sometimes take a yoga class. When I lived in Sugarhouse, Utah, I would pass 4 LDS chapels on my 5-mile run route. I would notice the full parking lots, and remember how cold I would get in sacrament meeting, how forced the social interaction was, and now here I am with the autumn air filling my nostrils, being outside and enjoying this beautiful day and my strong, healthy body... I would always think, "Man! Running is so much better than church!!"


I also love not feeling horrendously guilty about not reading from the silly book with the thinnest pages I've ever encountered or having a negative, however truthful, thought about a stranger. The lack of guilt and pressure is so intoxicating.

Good question.  I avoid my old chapel.  Maybe one of these days I'll ride bye & wave.


I like that story, J-Mac.  Feels liberating.  I like going shopping on Sunday because the stores aren't crowded, and I like riding my recumbent trike because there's very little traffic.
  I guess it goes to show you that living in fear only shelters you from the whole life experience.How can one live in fear and be truly happy.Negative energy or attitude usually attracts negative results.Like attracts like.We are feeling the same things the people in Egypt,Lybia,and all the others who are going threw freedom growing pains.Its interesting to see when people leave the church, just which direction they go.Some become athiest,go to other organized religions,and others like myself are attracted to spirituality and build our own belief system on what we learn from all.


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