Over on the Exmormon Yahoo list we've recently had a guy come on there named "Wynn". Someone started a discussion about Edgar Cayce last week and this guy popped up and said he had a very similar story. He has not come off like a crack pot at all. I think that is why I'm going to share this post here for those who might be interested. I know some of you will laugh your arses off and some of you will be interested. I'm just sending it on for those who might want to listen in: (not sure if this should go into a specific group posting here?? I'm not quite certain how this forum works yet!)

( Post today from Wynn) : I had announced that I was going to do a teleconference on the above topic tomorrow night and I extend the invitation for any of you who are interested to listen in. This is not about LDS and in no way endorses anything which is represented by that Church. This is not about creating any kind of new belief system or dogma.

I am going to share from my own personal experience some of the things which have occurred for me over the past 8 years which began with an automobile trip from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon in 2002 with a new girlfriend accompanying me. It was pouring rain and we did a prayer of protection for safe driving and at the end of the prayer, like a joke, I asked "Does anybody want to talk to me?" and she answered and said "please ask us questions" . I was sure she was joking and I asked some questions and the voice speaking to me didn't sound like her. After about 5 minutes, she in her conscious voice, said "that's the strangest thing that ever happened to me".

Three days later we were at a hotel in Portland and we tried it again, this time I had a tape recorder going. Again a voice answered and requested that I ask questions. I initially asked, "how do I know if my girlfriend wasn't crazy and making this up? Can you guys predict a newspaper headline in advance?" They told me to watch for a headline in two weeks, and two weeks later the headline appeared.

For the next months, she would interupt whatever else we were doing and and announce "those guys want to talk to you" and I would be engaged in a series of question and answer dialogues". I was not asked to do anything. They just said to ask them questions.

At one point I got a call from my brother in law about my sister, who was going into the hospital with a serious operation for cancer which her chances of surviving were slim. I asked this voice if they could help and they said they could. She survived the operation and I thought it coincidence until a few weeks later I got another call from my brother in law telling me something really strange had happened with my sister. She went in for tests and the nurse said the cancer had completely disappeared from her test, but so had her lupus and lupus never goes away. My sister had no knowledge that I was having these communications so there was no possibility of suggestion.

The voice communicating with me identified themselves as the Council of Elohim. I looked up the word Elohim on google and came up with the "creator of this realm" , "the name for God in the Old Testament" and the name the "Mormons used for God".

I actually couldn't believe they were who they said they were. I asked them how they removed my sister's lupus and they said it was like putting a filter in her blood and taking the lupus out.

After 7 years of dialogues, I actually believe they are who they say they are. I've asked numerous questions about everything you can might ask and they've answered intelligently and lovingly with occasional miracles and impossible synchronicities.

I will share my story on this fone line tomorrow. This may not be for everyone but I know some of you will find this important. I don't make any claims that I'm really talking to the Elohim or that even that there is such a thing as the Elohim. I promise to tell my story as accurately as possible and you can draw your own conclusions. I just ask you be open minded. At this point I have hundreds of recordings and a totally new way of looking at the interchange between the higher realms and this one. After you hear my story, I'll probably leave the line open for questions.

The time is 7pm PST and the call in number is - 712-432-1600 pin 828317#

I offer this in service................Wynn

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Sounds interesting and similar to experiences I have read from others. Not sure how much stock I would put into it though. I read channeled messages on occasion and sometimes they seem accurate and other times they fail to predict anything, but the future is not set in stone so who knows. I have been debating going to a psychic to see if anything comes through that seems more than just by chance or confirmation bias. I have a few friends that have had quite the experiences and readings from/with psychics so I am still on the fence as to whether they have real paranormal abilities or just honed skills on illusion etc. I like reading this stuff, but keep a skeptical eye on my own biases etc.
I agree. Often it turns out to be utter bunk. But once in awhile it really makes you go "hmmm".
Psychics are interesting people. I book them for parties. Most believe that they are psychic. It is like a magician who has deluded himself that he can really do magic and not tricks. As you know I am amagician. The Eversons are a mind reading act and also do rearings. It surprised them at first that when they performed at psychic fairs that psychics would ask them were they got there powers. Well the Evasons know it is all a trick but just go along with the ride to create more work. I was in Vegas in a magic shop when a man walked in and I was introduced to him and was told that he was one of the top psychics in America. The propieter ask about a blond girl. The psychics said 2 or 3 more readings and she is all yours. He was setting her up! A trained psychic can extract information from you and feed it back to look as if they have psychic abilities, Strange that the one who can fortell the future lives over a convenient store. From Dan
As for our friend above , some people do hear voices. Remember the Russle Crow movie A Beautiful Mind. The mind is truly a complex organ


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