In the 70’s the church had us all prepare for the end by storing wheat honey and vacuumed packed dry foods that will last for decades. Still got it and do not know anyone that is interested in it and I do not have the time or interest in grinding my own wheat. The church does not preach to hoard food any more. I guess the 2nd coming has been postponed again. I would have done better investing in the stock market.

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"I guess the 2nd coming has been postponed again."  I love it.  Made me smile.  I didn't know the church doesn't preach food storage anymore.  Interesting.

I still grind my wheat & make whole-wheat bread.  Not as often as I would like, but I've went through quite a bit of wheat, and continue to buy it.  I still think it's a good idea to have a good supply of food on hand.  But, it should be what you like eating.

I've eaten most of my vacuum-packed food and can't afford to buy more.  Never did find much of it I liked anyway. I like the bread I make and I also remember to cook the wheat berries for morning cereal once in a while, and enjoy it that way.  I've also taken the dry wheat berries to much-on when going hunting.  Rather tasty while hiking the hills with nothing else to eat.

Apparently they still push it in Utah but not here in Toronto
I don't think it's ever a bad idea to keep a food storage. Maybe get rid of some of it, or just save it if it's still good. I mean, when you think about the natural disasters that can happen (earthquakes, tornados, getting snowed in, etc) and other makes sense to keep a food storage.

Yes a little may be a months worth. If you get hit by a flood the food will be of no use and if it is a tonado it will end up scattered all over the county.

WE still have ours.  We'll probably just keep it until it goes bad, or try to use it before it goes bad.
haha As an adult I've never had a food storage but I remember as a kid in Kansas we had a barrel of wheat in ourr basement.


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