A few months ago, the missionaries contacted me.  They noticed that I was on the no contact list (contradictory, isn't it?) and were wondering if I'd like to donate my 'books' to prospective members.  I never called them back.

While I don't use my books, heck I don't even know where they are in this house, I do know that I still have them.  I'm not sure that I want to part with them.  They were a birthday gift, when I turned 8 and was baptized.  I'm sure my parents spent a hefty penny on them, money that we didn't have.  They're leather, with my name embossed on the front, with a leather cover also with my name embossed.

I'm really torn about this.  I know that I don't want them.  The question is, what do I do with them?  Do I donate them so that others might be 'indoctrinated'?  Give them back to my parents?  (Although I think that would be more like a slap in the face.)  Throw them away?



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I keep my quad combination for sentimental value, and because I still find some of the wisdom of Jesus valuable. Other books are still lying around the house because I've not even cared to do anything about them. Although my wife did throw away a few BofM this weekend cause they were taking up drawer space in our end tables. We still have all the church related videos too. Someday we'll probably donate them to the DI, or just throw them out.
I'm sure the Ex-Mormon research institute facebook group would love to be able to share copies of the LDS videos that you still have. I've been watching some of the old church movies on their FB group this weekend, what a laugh!!!
What is that web address? I'd like to see some of those!


That's the link to a page by that FB group, showing some of the videos links shared by Dana, a member of that group..let me know if it doesn't take you to the right page..
Couldn't use edit function correctly, sorry.

Here's a more direct link to the research institute FB group page...hope this one works!

I keep my books for research. Iam sure the church would like to shed a lot of them.
- Before moving from a predominantly LDS small town to the heathen east coast we sold whatever we could at a couple of garage sales. Subsequently, correlated manuals and such went in the garbage. A couple sets of scriptures are being kept for "sentimental reasons" and the fact that even as an unbeliever I think it's good for the kids to at least know what a Bible is and what's in it so they can relate to the world around them better. And last, but not least, some of the books that helped me study my way out, I'm keeping for possible future reference while others have been or will gradually be discarded. Getting rid of Mormon stuff has been, and is, a gradual process I guess ..... eventually all but a small core of reference stuff, comparable to what I have on Buddhism and religion in general will be gone.
I've kept them all. I certainly understand the position that many take when they purge their personal library of such literature, but because my spouse and I were so personally invested in Mormonism, our home library still contains all of our Mormon books -- and that includes many that address the movement from various degrees of approachability.

I appreciate the freedom to keep sharp on the conversation of Mormonism, and I also collect the old and rare stuff.

As therapeutic as it is for some to discard the physical evidence that they've ever been involved in Mormonism, I've actually found it to be an interesting and ironic reminder -- in the most healthy sense -- of just how wrong I'm capable of being, and how capable I pretend to be at adjusting my opinions to better align themselves with reality.

I'm not ashamed that I was ever a full-believing Mormon. I was born into it. I lived and breathed it for most of the mortal life that I've experienced. I'm rather proud to say that I can be in a room full of books that talk about Mormonism, without subscribing to the belief system itself.

I'm also proud to say that I can be in a room full of believing Mormons and feel right at home. It's the tribe I come from. I certainly don't wish for there to be more Mormons, but I haven't forgotten what it feels like to live their position. I don't ever want to forget what it feels like.

Part of my identity, no matter how wrong the position, the beliefs, the claims, etc., identifies with Mormonism. I won't soon forget where I come from, and I certainly wouldn't pretend that it wasn't somehow a part of what I am today.
I loSt my Missionary Scriptures to s thief that hought it was a deposit bag. I tossed out the rest. I say toss them, why spread the ignorNCE.

How is the act of keeping the books considered 'spreading the ignorance,' Don?
Someone may find it and be lead to ...(add vampire music here) the gospel. I just would burn it, shred it, get rid of it.
I'd bury it but the damned thing might get up in the night and suck blood out of peoples neck, fly around the room like a bat or howl like a wolf. :) hahahaha
(I love that little missionary sig file you put in your response! GREAT!!

One needs to keep them as proof to show the inconsistency and changes in their doctrines


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