What are three things you love about not being a Mormon and one thing you miss?


I'm sure this has already been done but it's worth another post. 


Three things I like

1- No more garments on me or my wife

2- Doing whatever I want with Sunday mornings

3- Freedom from guilt


The one thing I miss:

Making fun of people's stories they told in Fast and Testimony meeting.





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Three things I now enjoy:

1. I can have more time and money for my family

2. I enjoy the ability to live  without some sort of odd guilt on a daily basis

3. Not having to wear garmies

And being born and raised in the church I miss umm...hmmm...*crickets fill the room*

I miss NoTHING!!!!! 

Live in New England and we had this one guy who got up in Testimony meeting who had Schitzophrenia who said the craziest things and nothing made sense!!  Another fella always month after month for years would get up talking how he had his own revelations from GOD and always had to babble on about his prophesys after the bishopric caught wind of it they'd only allow him 5 min and a red light would go on to buzz him to be over...and the same ones young and old saying the same things over and over and over again...I'm so glad I had the smarts to Never go up to bare my testimony to come away looking like a freak!  Some people just love to share TMI!  :P don't miss it, a waste of 60 min every month of my TBM life!

I have been trying to understand why I did not look at people who said unusual things in Testimony meetings as "Freaks" or as "Those who share too much information!" It is because of my upbringing I think. You see, my Father was not LDS, but my Mother was. My Grandfather who lived with us claimed to be Atheist, but he did not "preach"  about "God" the way so many Atheists do today.

My Father's best friend (other than my Mother) was a Romanian Gypsy King who lived down the road. The King was very superstitious. Yet my Father never made fun of him or his unusual ways. On one occasion my Father and the King went down town together to cash a business check. On what should have been a short drive, my Father had to drive out of his way in order not to drive under a ladder that was hanging over the road for construction. He also had to turn another corner in order to avoid a black cat, and one other thing which I can not  remember.

When he came home he was quite late, and we were getting concerned. (No cell phones back then). My father told the story with sympathy for his friend for having to endure such fear,  anxiety and stress merely because he perceived so many unrealistic things as real dangers in his world. I guess that is why I do not laugh at that which should garner compassion, understanding and tolerance. I was raised differently.

Three things I don't miss:


The prohibitions on shopping, eating out, etc., on Sunday

Fast and Testimony Meetings--boring!!!!

Oh, and funeral dirges for songs (I know that's four).

Things I miss. . . the relationships you have if you're a active, Mormon with family and friends. . .

I have to ask Katrina, Isnt it sad that though the LDS family and friends tout themselves as such a loving, welcoming, family-oriented bunch; once WE see the flaws of their religion they drop US off like garbage?! One huge flaw with many of those TBM's!!

It is sad, but I also see what happens. . . I don't think they always mean to be mean, as much as we no longer have things to talk about--I mean I don't care about the same things they care so much about--and they sure don't care about the things I care about. Seems like  it's a natural part of the whole thing in that their entire lives are wrapped around a church--a very controlling church, and truthfully they just can't see out of that bubble their in.

1. No more middle man between me & GOD...

2. No more watching them judge others, non mormons, or inactive members...

3. no more BORING church listening to their lies!!

One thing I miss....



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