What are three things you love about not being a Mormon and one thing you miss?


I'm sure this has already been done but it's worth another post. 


Three things I like

1- No more garments on me or my wife

2- Doing whatever I want with Sunday mornings

3- Freedom from guilt


The one thing I miss:

Making fun of people's stories they told in Fast and Testimony meeting.





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You made fun of the stories people told in fast and testimony meeting, and you miss that? I guess you have a new group of losers to belittle here at LAM. Please remove me from your friends list. You are not my friend.

Don't tell me you never chuckled silently on occasion do to an outlandish testimony?  I'd have thought we'd all seen those kind of testimonies before.

Three things I like:

  1. Coffee, tea and the occasional drink
  2. Uninhibited sexuality
  3. More time and money

One thing I miss:

Having a spiritual connection to my momo neighbors.

The three things I like are:

1. Freedom from unnecessary guilt

2. Freedom from unnecessary responsibility like going on a mission or having to waste time doing my "priesthood duties"

3. A positive outlook on life that does not involve punishment after death for my human failings

The one thing I miss

 Fitting in with my peers and friends here in Utah Valley

No, I never found cruel amusement in the testimony of others. No I never silently chuckled about the things others were attempting to express, regardless if it was founded on reality or not. I did however feel deep sadness for some of them, due to the things they were publicly revealing about their life experiences. I felt compassion, and grief on their behalf. Some things were humerous, innocent and sweet. I recognized that children from a young age were allowedand encouraged  to speak up  in front of others, which I felt would be a benefit to each of them as they traveled the course of this world. I felt a kinship, a friendship a love as you may call it. I thought others felt the same.

I do admit to feeling bored. The testimonies have become very bland due to the fact that they are now highly censured. Which of course is contrary to what a testimony is all about. Like most things now associated with the church, it has lost its spirit or life force. It is hanging in limbo, as one who is trapped in a body, but the brain is dead. If their is no brain/intelligence, then the spirit/enthusiasm and vitality of vital sign cease, and the only thing that keeps the dead thing alive, is the life support that its sucks from Its care givers, the families that it pulls in to rob in tithes, labor and peace offerings.

The three things that I like are not having such a rigid dress code. I do not feel the need to cover over garments that I no longer wear. Even though I try to be respectful of those around me In my attire, I am now quite comfortable wearing sleeveless tops and shorter shorts. When I visit a Mormons Church, or any church for that matter, I refrain from wearing anything that would be disrespectful to those who are yet with the religious body. Much like if I were to visit a Muslim Shrine, I would repect their wishes, because it would serve no possitive purpsoe not to do so.

You have mentioned uninhibited sex. Yes, I tried that with two different men. At the time I was not being my normal intelligent self. In fact I was so out of character I did not care if I contracted AIDS or anything else. I had made myself available to go out with men that I did not know the back ground of in anyway. They could have ripped me apart and killed me, and it did not matter.

Strangely it was through my friends who are ex prostitutes where I regained my reason and a portion of the sanity that I lost. They helped me  to know how to get the proper tests for sexually transmitted diseases.Fortunatelly I did not have any, I was one of the lucky ones. As far as the men are concerned, I harbor no ill will toward any of them. I had no feelings of any kind for them then, and I do not now. They wanted a sexually adventure, I merely wanted to die.  My friends have known me for most of my life. They understood, me as I also understand them.  I no longer have the desire to play such dangerous games with what I thought was a dead end life.

The church may take credit for the so called good health of their congregations, but that credit does not belong to them. Cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol have been on the list of unhealthy products, long before the church ever came into being. I learned these things from my parents, my father was a smoker who made the decision to quite on his own. He was not Mormon. He did drink alcohol on occasion, but he balanced that by getting a police scanner and taking me to the scene of violent accidents involving alcohol and wreckless driving. Need less to say, I have no interest in alcohol, and the the loss of the siblings to the toxin, detours me even further.

For all of the knowledge that the Mormon Church claims in the area of health, it should be quite obvious by now that the Word of Wisdom is a highly flawed piece of work. Meat and protein is essential for a trim healthy body and to balance blood sugar, on a daily basis. Good fats and stable unadulterated dairy products provide much needed nutrients for the brain to function properly and bones to grow and heal. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, nutrients and fiber. Grains which the church pushes, are unhealthy for man, to be used only when other foods are not to be found, or as a small side dish, in whole form. Grains are good for fattening cattle, in fact if you will look at the General Authorities and many other LDS you will notice by their unhealthy bodies that they did not get this memo from the Lord, anymore than the rest of the world. What other memos did they not receive?

Katia, my dear friend, I shared the one thing I missed, and I was honest about it. Some lady going on for twenty minutes about her cats was probably going to be laughed about later.

I know of a ward where one lady came up at the last minute and cried and went on about something personal. She ended by saying, I'm so sorry I'm just a big boob.  The bishop closed the meeting and said "Don't worry sister Smith in this ward we love big boobs". There was a long silence and then everyone erupted in laughter.  Please don't act as if i was going home and making fun of cancer victims.

I myself, sitting in the audience in my sisters ward long after I left the church became the topic of the testimony meeting. I was dating a very tall, skinny and pretty black women they were trying to convert, and inadvertantly ended up in my sisters ward who I hadn't spoken to for two years. The person trying to convert her talked about me, my sister talked about me and others chimed in. The girl I was dating was horrified. When it was over the whole thing was just amusing to me.

My dear Katia, I don't have to explain my feelings, this was meant to be light-hearted and fun, not a debate on what an evil person I am. I reject your request to remove you as a friend. This was meant to be a short quick list, not a debate.


Devil Bar

Bar, I do not believe that story about the Bishop saying that they love big boobs in the ward. In fact I am beginning to think that you have never been a Mormon. I guess you are here merely to make fun of that which you do not know. I do not think you are married either. For all I know you may be a female. I suppose you could post a picture, but it would very likely not be you anyway. Is it fun playing ex mormons for fools, simply because we were fooled before?

Katia,  Sorry you feel that way. You are right, I was never a Mormon, I am not married and my wife isn't married either.  Have a nice day.

The boob thing was real and in a family members ward. I'm not sure you understood that the bishop didn't say it on purpose. He said it to be kind to the women and realized after the fact how it sounded, thus the momentary pause. I suppose if I have to explain why something is funny it isn't really funny. Oh well, I try, honestly I do. It would be nice to post something without it taking such strange twists and turns.

Devil Bar



I would agree with the freedom from guilt thing. That's a big one. 

Okay - 3 things I like:

1.) Alcohol. Drinking drinks when I want to drink them and not feeling like there's a thing wrong with it. 

2.) Getting to eat on the first sunday of the month - stupid fast Sundays!

3.) Not ever having to stop shopping at Victoria's Secret.

1 thing I miss:

"knowing" where I am going to go when I die, and "knowing" that my family will be there with me. 

ps: while we're talking about chuckling at testimonies - when I lived overseas, one woman got up and talked about how she picked her nose and ate it, and her cat looked at her in a weird way. Then, she started singing (opera style) incoherently. After that, the bishop would make her pre-write her testimony beforehand so he could approve her performance, lol....

lol, very funny story

Hard to think of only three things so I will just list the first three that came to mind:

1. No garments!

2. No guilt in almost every aspect of life.

3. The extreme judgmentality of everyone from the bishop to the next door neighbor :P.

And one thing I miss?  Well, sad to say this after a life time of being a member but, not one damn thing! Haha

I keep coming back to re read the things I write. Even in chat. Then I copy and paste my writings, so I can re read them even yet again, when they disappear from this spot. I just love my mind and my personality. Now...what was it that you wrote? Oh, yes, that is nice. Back to my personal admiration ceremony again. Ah.....how wonderous and bright!


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