Before I left LDS inc. I was disfellowshipped a year for having sex with my high school sweetheart but what bothered me about it was the bishop at the church court stated the mandates I must follow and if I followed them then MAYBE a year would be long enough. Anyhow, amongst these were taking my temple recomend, no public prayers like in church, losing both callings, no exersizing the priesthood, can't home teach, no sacrement, no giving talks, no speaking in class,  no baptising my daughter who turned 8 the next month etc. etc. etc. My issue wasn't as much all the don'ts but when they said what I can and must do in order to restore regular membership status at the end was to remain a full tithe payer. WTF??? Does anyone else see this? I don't have a problem giving to those in need but I know very little tithing actually goes to those in need... it's mainly used to build up temples and churches utilities etc. I'm not good enough but my money's green so it is. I saw through this eventually and reluctantly stopped the money flow to them. Man, they were getting 10% gross plus offerings. I was reluctant because I was scared I would be cursed or unblessed "you all know the routine" it's the only commandment you can keep perfectly right now they say, well what I realized is that I just had 10% gross more money to pay my bills with. I got an increase. My struggles were less.. They think the "devil" is pacifying me  but they always have their excuse for everything that doesn't pan out for them the way it reads or is tought. What are your thoughts?


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Yikes, that is an upsetting realization. I hate how so much of your eternal happiness is linked to paying your membership fees in that church.

I feel ya my bishop made a decision to take tithing off of my 8 y/o's disability check she was getting and like a sucker i paid that too until i left. I mean she didn't pay into social security but he says it's still an increase. But you know what really burns me?  WHAT??  I'm glad you ask :)  It was one sunday afternoon the Stake Pres. who is in our ward got up to announce that the ward doesn't have enough funds for all the needy widows etc. so PLEASE be generous!  hahahahaha  I will always help those kind of troubled people all I can I have been there BUT LDS inc I found out recently, takes most of the tithes at headquarters and leaves a small allotment to run the wards needs only.. I don't know alot of wealthy people in our ward except a few and maybe him he's a doctor but I am not so why the F*CK doesn't headquarters chip in? That's pretty ballsy of a leader to KNOW this and still ask his non-wealthy members to give more than they are required...


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