Please reply once with the corresponding letter above the photo you like most .  Voting will continue through Saturday March 3rd.  












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I vote for F, and F could mean a big fat FAIL!

I love the Borg Hinkley, but due to my severe man crush on Neil deGrasse Tyson, I'm gonna have to go with "L"


Hard to choose, they are all good. D and I made me laugh the most, but as a Star Trek TNG fan, I gotta go with C.

My vote is: E. Very clever.

I also laughed hard at L, and so many of the others.

Gosh, so many good ones to choose from, but all in all, I think I'll vote for D.  I identify with it the most.

D, though it's difficult to choose ...

My vote is on "I".  I can relate to the message.

besides my own submission, i liked a, d, g, i, k.

g for the win.

if i could replace my E submission with this one i made about a week ago, then i would:

I'm going with G

I loved them all! I vote for I - family aren't forever...

Final vote count is in!  The top 3 came in as follows: G in 1st place with 9 votes, K in 2nd place with 8 votes, and D in 3rd place with 7 votes, a very close finish and near tie.  Below are all vote tallies:

A: 5
B: 1
C: 5
D: 7
E: 4
F: 1
G: 9
H: 1
I: 2
J: 1
K: 8
L: 5


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