Utah County Girls Meetup --REVISED! SLC Girls invited to this weekend's activity!

*I also posted this on postmo*

My husband and I just bought a house in Utah County and after being bombarded by the Relief Society and Elders' Quorum presidencies, I'm
quickly realizing that making friends in my neighborhood is kind of
impossible.  I certainly don't mind being friends with LDS ladies, but I
think we all kind of realize that it could be a really difficult


So, in the spirit of the Salt Lake City Ladies Gathering, I'm proposing a Utah County version for all of the citizens of Happy Valley.


Would any of you be interested in this?


Not that I have anything against hanging out on Sundays, but I think it might work out nicely to do maybe a lunch type thing on a Saturday.  I
know several women who still have TBM husbands who maybe can't meet on


So, let me know what you think.  I'm ready to make some girlfriends, and meet some of you who have similar beliefs.  Don't worry, we don't have
to talk about the church the whole time (bleck) that's what this website
is for ;).


After I figure out if there's any interest, we can start figuring out times, locations, etc.

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Where are you located in Utah County? My wife might be interested. We're down here in Springville.
I'm in Orem. On PostMo we've got some girls interested, so I'm sure we're from all over! We'll try to find a central meeting place that isn't too far for anyone. Tell her to come hang with us!
I'm in American Fork and I would love it since I recently moved here myself.
Yeah! Once we get the date figured out, I'll give you the details!
Okay, so we've decided that we're meeting on Saturday, Sept. 25th @ 7pm. We're going to meet at the Chili's in Orem. All you ladies are welcome! Come join us for dinner, drinks, and new fun friends! We're hoping to make this a monthly occurrence!

So excited! :)

PM me if you're going to come, and I can give you details on how to find the group once you're there.
We already have another engagement for 7pm. Lunch would work better, but Jen can always go to the next meetup when it occurs.
We are getting together this weekend in Salt Lake if we can get enough women interested. We are going to be meeting up on Saturday. This will be a DEFINITE good time! Please private message me for details! We'd like to get as many as can come! If you're in Utah County, we're going to meet up, drive to the trax station in Sandy together, then take trax from there.

We'd love to get to know some more lovely ex-mo ladies! Don't be shy...we're nice!


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