Here are some questions I had about the universe that arose while I believed in Mormon doctrine.

  1. How can Elohim and Mrs. Elohim who both have bodies of flesh and bone have sex and make spirit children?
  2. Where do East Asians, Australian Aborigines and races other than black Africans, Caucaisans, and Amerindians come from?
  3. Will there be people of color in the Celestial Kingdom?
  4. If I become a God and make worlds will I need a Christ figure to redeem my children?
  5. Why do we worship Elohim instead of his creator or even the first creator god?
  6. Why does Joseph Smith rather than Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Adam, Noah, Jesus, Elohim etc. have the privilege of deciding who becomes a god?
  7. Why does God the Father (Elohim) have a Hebrew name?
  8. Why did civilization start in the Fertile Crescent if humanity began in Missouri?
  9. If Elohim is unchanging why does doctrine change? i.e. polygamy, racism, Word of Wisdom, etc
  10.  What happens to someone who sins and dies before they can repent?
  11.  Why do some people just not feel the spirit after they pray or read the BoM

I know the answers now, but these are just some things I thought about and eventually these questions and others drove me away. What questions got you to leave?

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The biggest one for me was the infinite regression of gods.  I hit upon this as a boy scout laying beside the fire looking up at the night sky.  I began to wonder about the vastness of space.  Then I started to think about infinity, and how it has no beginning or end.  Then I started to think that infinity is really cool, and all, but it applies to numbers and concepts, not real things.  Then I thought about god, and his god, and his god, etc...  I realized that at some point there had to be a beginning somewhere.  That made no sense, so I chalked it up to a "mystery of god" that I'd understand after I died.  Well, when I started questioning, guess what came to the forefront immediately?  Yup, the infinite regression of gods.

Why would God reveal his plan through one person? Why wouldn't he just be fair and give everyone the same access to information, especially on such crucially important questions as eternal judgement? And if prophecy has to be the way, why didnt he put out enough prophets to inform all of the continents? What about the kids in India?

If God loves all his children, why does he choose some to get themessage and leave out others?

If we are all God's children, why would Jesus be called his only begotten son?

If God sent an important message to Joseph Smith, then why didnt he give him information that could really reduce suffering, like the recipe for penicillin or the cure for childhood diseases?


As a girl, I was told I was to grow up, get married, and have children. College would be a waste since I was only going to get married and have children, fix meals, clean house, and be a wife and mother. I was a kid, and remember laying on the grass in the park in town, looking up at the clouds...thinking..."So, I grow up, get married, have babies, so they can grow up get married and have babies, so they can grow up, get married, have babies, and on and on and on........"What was the point!" ... my insides screamed. 

It all seemed to totally lacking to me. Where was LIFE, where was ME and the wants and desires I had in all of this?" I was so young I didn't even know to put that into words, at the time they were just feelings of "flatness".  Lack of hope. 

What was the point of having feelings, wants, desires, a personality even?? If it was so all "set". Why were we made different? Why did someone in my class at school love math, and someone else loves sports and I loved art and music? Why the heck were we different if we couldn't develope it, dream about it, plan a future around it? For women you were outwardly encouraged to develop these things only to a point. That point being, to enrich your "family's lives when you were a wife and mother. Sheese. And that was about it. 

I remember hearing that tooand even being told that a woman should have an edication in case her husband dies or has an accident and she needs to support the family. Nothing about personal enrichment.

Well, if you're a guy, like my brother's were, they had to think about how to support a family. And they were developing their interests into something they could make a living at. They were going to get to be who they were through their work in life. (I realize that's a simplistic statement) While, no matter what my interests were, my job was already defined. Wife and mother. Basically, baby factory and cleaning and cooking. 

ya, gotta wonder what goes on in their hearts and minds. 

I've also wondered if the GA are atheists.  I even wondered that when I was still a partial believer.  It wouldn't surprise me either.

Reminds me of Communism. Based on supposedly great ideals for helpng humanity and the common man. Everyone pays in to support the institution and funds are redistributed for government buildings, monuments, schools and some social services.

There is One Party. You cannot question the party. All forms of free speech are squelshed. Books are banned and people who dsagree excluded, humiliated or eliminated (excommunicated).

Roles are clearly defined and fixed, not flexible. You are promoted by demonstrating loyalty to the Party. There is continual claims for respect for the poor and humble, but in practice te power holders are rich and arrogant.

Funny how mormons so often criticise communist states, isnt it?

Liber Mens, I like your comparison of the church and Communism.  It is funny how mormons criticise communist states.


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