Here are some questions I had about the universe that arose while I believed in Mormon doctrine.

  1. How can Elohim and Mrs. Elohim who both have bodies of flesh and bone have sex and make spirit children?
  2. Where do East Asians, Australian Aborigines and races other than black Africans, Caucaisans, and Amerindians come from?
  3. Will there be people of color in the Celestial Kingdom?
  4. If I become a God and make worlds will I need a Christ figure to redeem my children?
  5. Why do we worship Elohim instead of his creator or even the first creator god?
  6. Why does Joseph Smith rather than Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Adam, Noah, Jesus, Elohim etc. have the privilege of deciding who becomes a god?
  7. Why does God the Father (Elohim) have a Hebrew name?
  8. Why did civilization start in the Fertile Crescent if humanity began in Missouri?
  9. If Elohim is unchanging why does doctrine change? i.e. polygamy, racism, Word of Wisdom, etc
  10.  What happens to someone who sins and dies before they can repent?
  11.  Why do some people just not feel the spirit after they pray or read the BoM

I know the answers now, but these are just some things I thought about and eventually these questions and others drove me away. What questions got you to leave?

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Great questions!  I came up with some of those questions while Mormon too.  Too bad I didn't just shelve them at the time as it might had led to a sooner exit.

Another question is why do missionary work at all, since we can just take care of everyone in the temple through proxy when we're/they're dead? 

coz they need da money from living people!

Heres mine, and its only 1.


Why can't you prove that everything you say is real, in scientific terms, with facts, documents, and REAL evidence on hand?

This is a HUGE part of (in fact, almost completely) why I left the church.  I am still wondering if there's even ONE thing that can be proven (or already has and I'm oblivious).  Just because someone lived on this earth doesn't mean that they are who they say they are, or who we are told to believe that they are.  Their physical existence is not proof.

If you have to go through all these steps and get a physical body to become a God, how can the Holy Ghost be God? How could Jesus have been God and participated in creation before his life on earth? If we are on earth to understand good and evil and progress, how could God punish the third of souls who chose to side with Satan before they had that understanding?

Wheres the damn like button for your reply?

Why would God create a plan of salvation that is set up for many to fail?

Ditto to this one, too.  As a mother, I would NEVER do this to my children.  We want our children to succeed and be happy, not live in constant fear and self-doubt.

This is the one the strikes me the most.  If God were perfect, his/her/its plan would allow for the continual and endless progression of all creatures, and not contain the petty judgment, harsh punishment and other poor parenting skills that the Mormon God displays.

^^Like :P

I always thought Satan's plan was the keeper. 80 years of being forced to do something and then you get an eternity of bliss?  Who wouldn't pick what's behind door number one?

Never thought of it that way Lapsed.  It does sound like a better plan to this couch-spud.


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