Have you guys seen this article from the Salt Lake Tribune?




Makes you wonder what the church is going to look like in 20-30 years from now, when all the WWII and baby boomer generations are gone. Apparently a lot of those leaving the church lately are in the 18-30 age group. Is the church possibly going to see decline in membership numbers sooner than we thought?

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“We know where you are. We’ve got our radar focused on you.”

Agggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!  That's some scary stuff...

I think the internet is going to have a profound effect on the church as people start googling their questions rather than just asking their priesthood authority what to think. 

Haha! I thought the same thing... scary!

It's also interesting to me to note as an older divorced woman, I'm not on the radar at all. In the nearly 4 years since my marriage and church attendance ended, I have not been contacted by anyone from the Church (and as a former RS Prez, I know how persistent they can be). Not that I'm complaining about that! 


My Mom feels the same way Linda K!  She has actually been quite offended that they don't seem to give a shit about the old divorced women!  I can totally get how she feels and think it is really telling, and just sick.  But you are right, I suppose you wouldn't want them chasing after you anyways. 
Wasn't that scary?  Oooooooo!  Jessica and I focused on that one and our blood ran cold.  Just what most straight-thinking young adults (and old adults) don't need to hear.

Yeah, I read that and my thought more or less went to "Well, THERE'S a way to get them to stick around. They can't even find a way to LIKE being there."


... Might be a part of the problem, yknow?  It's not high school, a kid who feels alienated, out of place, bored etc isn't likely to stick around if they don't HAVE to.

Sheesh! Talk about Big Brother watching us...or is it "Big Father"?

Absolutely. When I was a youngster, my priesthood leaders discouraged me from joining the debate team for fear that it would lead me to question the validity of God's One And Only Singular Truth Inc. Well, I joined the debate team and became quite good and successful with it. Of course, it did teach me how to validate and invalidate information, though it did not create in me the searching, critical, suspicious of authority ecumenical giant you read before you. I already had that going on, but it gave me tools for discerning a credible claim from bona fide manipulative crap.


However, the interweb blows what I had to kingdom come. The awesomeness of which does not escape me in my 36th year aboard this Mortal Merry Go Round. *Nod to My Turn on Earth*.

My favorite part:


“We hope you’ve got the message: You have no option to bounce around,” he said, referring to a common practice dubbed ward-hopping in which young Mormons shop around for congregations they like. “We know where you are. We’ve got our radar focused on you.”

The problem for them, is that we all know how to use the Internets.
This is their problem exactly. The internet has the same effect on all top-down power structures, whether they be an American pseudo-christian religious sect or a Middle-eastern dictatorship. Once an organization like that looses control of the flow of information, it's days are numbered.
Everyone here hit it right on the nose with the internet.  Thank goodness for that miracle of information at our fingertips, and privacy in our own homes to be able to know the truth!!!  I honestly hope that this one factor alone will be able to change the numbers of the church dramatically until they hang by a thread and eventually come to an end.  Enough damage and mess already!  I just wish that the church hadn't set up such a convincing brain wash program that makes people so afraid of doubting and questioning leadership.  Once I left and was able to see through it all I was so shocked to look back and realize the extreme cult-ness of the situation.  If I were wealthy I would spend my last dimes in counter advertising. 

I did read it, Eric, and I agree that "things, they are a changin!"  Between instant access to information, in the privacy of ones own home...and the awareness of evidence against magical truth claims, the church will have to adjust or perish. 

Which will it do?


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