• "Population Growth Should be Celebrated, Not Lamented" (horrible message behind this)
  • "Religion Gives Direction to Those Behind Bars"
  • "A Man of Faith" (NY's Catholic Archbishop Timothy Nolan, anti-gay rights standard bearer)
  • "Never Stop Inviting" (missionary work)
  • "The Straight and Narrow Path"
  • "Wickedness of Man"
  • "Jon Huntsman Sr's Legacy pf Prosperity, Philanthropy"

It's the Deseret News. It has gone weekly and they never miss our house. They used to send us a bill that I would toss in the trash. I finally wrote and told them I'm a joyful Ex-mormon/atheist and I find their articles boring, patronizing and unrelated to the real world, so please stop sending it.They stopped sending the bills instead.

The articles are shockingly devoid of accepted science and optimism. I'm not recommending that you subscribe but definitely scan a copy whenever one crosses your path!

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Population growth needs to slow down dramaticly. The earth will only sustain so much life and Jesus is not going to come back to save us. I want a sustainable planet for the future generations.

Agreed. That article argued that there was plenty of food in the world (as if the only related issue was food) it was simply distributed unfairly. That may be true but it isn't why 9 billion of us is a bad thing.

The unspoken message was, "Go ahead and have more babies -- Jesus needs more Mormlets!"

I just have to say I love "Mormlets", that's awesome. Growing up I heard from my non Mormon relatives call the Deseret News "a Mormon rag" now I know why.

"Jesus needs more Mormlets!"  Love it!

Times like these I keep wondering if there will ever be a WW3.

LOL, just cracks me up to read the nonsense.  That is just at first.  Then I tend to move into feelings of disappointment then fear and anger even.  I often find myself and my brain coping with the fact that there are so many destructive ideas out there.  Coping by telling myself, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts.  I guess the real snag is how dangerous so many of these ideas are for the rest of the human race!  It would be one thing if it was all just talk and nonsense.  Since leaving the church I have come to a major realization of the true threat that the Mormon church and other groups like it are to the rest of the world.  I am embarrassed now to remember keeping every Ensign Magazine I ever got like they were gold.  That was one of the first things I got rid of after leaving the church-good riddens! 


I'm offended as an earth-dependent human that the church will spin such an important global issue in such a blatantly self-serving way. I'm also offended by the idea that there are readers out there (the Barry Manilow Effect; it's still selling so somebody's listening) who simply read the lies and believe them.


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