I'm considering posting a sort of 'Statement of Resignation' to my Facebook page to inform friends and family about the change in my beliefs. I'm doing it via Facebook because I am terrible at face to face confrontation, whenever I try to tell anyone anything of personal importance out loud, I end up looking like a blathering idiot, in Moses's words, I am "slow of speech". by contrast, I consider myself to rather eloquent when it comes to the written word. thus, I have written this:

This is it. I am confessing, and damned be the consequences. For the past two years, I have lived a lie. The truth has shone through from time to time, as the truth is wont to do, but those who saw it chose to either ignore or deny it. The truth is this—I do not believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, and in fact, detest it as a terrible organization that destroys the happiness and livelihoods of many thousands of individuals who faithfully follow its teachings, only to be told that they are still not good enough, and that if they only put forth ‘a little’ more effort, they would be happy.

I have many, many, reasons for my ‘apostasy’—as many faithful members of the church will no doubt call this—some are based in fact and scientific findings, others in personal experience, and still others in pure philosophy.  I will not mention any of it here, as it will only cause animosity between myself and those I respect and love. If any wish to know why I have come to the conclusion that I have, I will gladly share with you the details of my search for truth. However, I do not wish to argue with anyone, such an argument would serve no purpose except to nurture contention and resentment. I hope that my family will find it in themselves to love me unconditionally, but even if they don’t, I love them, and want them to know that what I have discovered has nothing to do with them, and they bear no ‘fault’ in this (if it can truly be anyone’s ‘fault’ that I have decided to live a life free of the chains of hypocrisy and falsehood).

As a final note to those I respect—Please, do not force me to re-evaluate my opinion of you by spouting ignorant and dogmatic statements at me, I can almost guarantee that I have heard most of your ‘explanations’ and in many cases have spread them myself. All I want is to think for myself—and I have, and I intend to continue to do so. No amount subjective, bias, and in many cases, false evidence will dissuade me from this path. Thank you in advance to those who accept and respect my decision, and to those who don’t: please, leave me alone.

any feedback on whether or not I should go through with this would be appreciated.

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Looks like you've put some thought into this.  My thoughts are what motivations are behind wanting to make this public statement?  While affirming your position might make you feel empowered or better for a while, the fallback and/or consequences may not be worth it.  I think a lot of times we exmos generate the behaviors we expect TBM people to react with by subconsciously (or consciously) coming across as attacking those who still believe.  This is pretty easy to do when Mormons have their beliefs so internalized such that challenges to them automatically appear as an attack.  I've come to conclude for myself that "live and let live" generates much more peace for myself than trying to challenge the beliefs of others, Mormon or not.  Just my 2 cents.

 If you decide it is important to post it, Imake it very, very simple.  One or two sentences. 

But ultimately, why have to announce it?

I've found a more subtle approach works better, brings out less anger.  For example, pictures are starting to show up of me drinking wine with friends, or friends inviting me to coffee, etc.  Also, my latest profile pic shows me sleeveless.  I've had a few people ask me privately if I've left the church and I explain that I have because of things I discovered.  But overall, I've kept most of my family and old ward members on friendly terms.  I do hate that in Mormon mentality, they think I left for the need to "sin," so I understand full disclosure for this reason.  But there is a lot to be said for just keeping life easy.

Personally, I like it. Just keep in mind for any backlash that may happen. Are you ready for that? (Just think about it) If so then continue. I only say that because like MikeUtah said, no matter how you may phrase it, some may take offense to it. Because they take it as attacking their faith (while actually you didn't go into any detail that would be anti (other then calling it a detestable organization which some may take issue with)). Then again you could be surprised, so who knows.

Awesome. I understand that sometimes you just need to be out with it to be at peace. Like others have said, definitely think about the possible responses to this and make sure you're ready for it. But other than that, I don't see anything wrong with being honest about the state of your religious belief without directly insulting the beliefs of your LDS friends and family. I agree with you about editing out some of the harsher or more accusatory language you used. :)

I think that's excellent. I just try to look at it from their perspective when I was a TBM, I didn't want to hear someone tear down what I believed (and I'm more liberal then most because I would have [losing] debates with one of my best friends growing up about the merits of Mormonism).



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