Okay, so I haven't been very present on this site for a while.  I found it at a time when I really needed the support, but have come to a point now where I am confident with my views and not needing the reinforcement anymore. 

That being said, something happened last night that bothered me, more then I thought it would I think, so I wanted to share it here and see what you guys thought.

To preface, I haven't gone to church for years.  I have moved twice now since the last time my records were moved and also gotten married and changed my name.  So last night at 8pm we got a knock on our door.  It threw my husband and me off guard, we live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, it was an hour before our bedtime (we work early), we were watching a movie enjoying a cocktail, and we weren't expecting anyone.  So he gets up to answer the door.  There are two old men standing there and they said they were looking for me, except they used my maiden name.  I didn't want to get up to go to the door, I was on the couch with a blanket.  I was only wearing my nightie, as I was getting ready to go to bed, and did not feel comfortable at all getting up to greet two old men half clothed.  I answered from the couch that that was me and they said they were from the ward and something about me going.  I felt totally taken off guard and so did my husband.  I didn't know what to say so I just said, I'm not interested and that was that.  Afterwards we felt like we could have been a little nicer, but really it would have been the same outcome either way. No matter what they had to say to me I would still not be coming to church. The fact that I do not go should be an indicator that I am not interested! I do not consider myself mormon at all anymore (I'm an atheist) and the only reason I haven't removed my records is to maintain the peace with my family.  It shook me up a little, I did not appreciate it. I don't appreciate strangers knocking at my door late in general, let alone the local bishopric. I don't know what they expected showing up unannounced late to my home to bombard me about church.  What did they think was going to come from that? It left me shook up with a bad taste in my mouth.

Then there is the issue of how they found me.  I wouldn't be suprised at all if it was my dad or my grandpa that sent my records or address and tipped them off.  They have done it before a few years ago when I was single and they are both in the bishopric.  I was just wondering if there is any other way that they can find you besides someone tipping them off?  This whole incident alone makes me reconsider sending in my resignation.  Maybe I am overreacting, I guess it wasn't a huge deal, but it really bothered me.  It bothered my husband as well.  He has never been a member and he thought it was rude and intrusive.

I think I just needed to vent about that.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks for listening!

So guess who showed up to my house just last night! Two young girls from some local  youth ward, using my maiden name again!  I didn't quite catch if they were from a singles ward or not, but I'm not single.  They were young and nice, but come on!  They tried to give me a flyer for a rock climbing activity.  I was going to just take it from them to be polite, but really I'm not going to even consider going so I just said no thank you and let them keep it. It was snowing like crazy too, they should have been home and not out knocking on strangers doors.  I was nice though, I stood in the door with my huge tattoo in their face and told them to be careful out there.  Sigh, I think it's time to send in my resignation letter. 

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Can't you say you want no contact?  I think I did that before finally having my name removed.

Good luck,


I think you handled it quite well.  You were not rude nor obreusive.  May I also share a personal view.  That is your house.  You bow and scrape to no one, well, except the cops and you just have to comply and should be polite.  When the Mormon Bill Collectors track you down you should do just as you did so well.  Tell them no thanks, and do not return. 

You do not have to participate in something you do not want to.  And you do not need to explain why to anyone.  Suffice it to say, <I don't want to> , no thanks, go away.  It would be good to write the Bishop an ask him to make you what used to be called aDNC / Do Not Contact.  

Don't feel bad or even give it s second in your mind.  I have a credit card, and shop at Walmart.  I do not have to be here to participate in all thier sales.  I sure as hell do not have to feel bad about it.  

I am not chasing their damned monkey down the street anymore.

I say this in the sacred name of the Three Musketeers, Amen..

I humbly stand before you today to share from my heart that JS was not a prophet and probably could not find his ass in the shower if the lights went out.  But put a young lady in there with him, and she would be blessed.  Brigham young practiced plural marriage, as did many others, untill the Union troops were on their way and then all of the sudden God told the Prophet to cut the shit out as Mama was on her way home, "and dey wuz awl gonna get a butt whoopin"!  So knowing Mama was on the way God gave the Profit a revelation to get down off the counter and put the cookies back cause mama was on her way home.  If UT wanted to be a state it had to stop the bad behavior and stop trying to set up their own kalifat or Deseret or what ever in the freak it is called.  

I know the Church is fake (sniffle), I know JS was off the wall and did in fact counterfeit,.  I have prayed about it and have a burning in the bosom that Tums will help.  I share my humble testimony with you in the name of "Beano" ...fssssssssssst.  Amen.

Ai que rico, es tu culo cocino otra vez!  Tu momstro de puedo! :)  COCINO!! :)

Don, in Vegas.   

Salt Lake, the leaders all the way to the guy mopping the floor know for a fact that they are all full of inspired and revealed "shit".  They already kinow they are  as they are.  

anything that dehumanized humans, that seeks to control them on things that benefit the one doing the controlling NEEDS to be publicly made fun of.  I know people in my own present faith that cannot sit down.  They have not been able to sit or lay down for years.  That cross in their ass keeps getting in the way.  If we can just be nice, polite, give the guy in front of the line that is a little short on change the change he needs, open the door for others,  ...just be nice then we are doing great in the game! :)  Nothing creted by man is so scared <sancti> that it is above  humiliation.


This emoticon could indicate a soiling of pants: 

They're only chasing you to help you exercise your "free agency" and because they love you (and your 10%).

We believe that all men have the right to believe as we do and we will send guys out on bikes to make damned sure you have every opportunity.   I can see clearly the revealed truth now...


Right?  Without their guidance how could I make the right "choice" to give them my money??!

You handled it fine, considering it was a surprise visit.

I know many people wouldn't feel like this, but I feel sorry (even pity) for the old dudes showing up at the door, pretty well just MormBots, thinking they're doing the right thing, probably pressured to track you down by other leaders.

Hell, that would've been me 10 years ago, not really wanting to do it, and feeling like I'm intruding on someone, but still being dutiful thinking it was what God wanted me to do...   (actually that could still be my dad or brothers who are still 'faithful').

Since my atheist conversion several years ago, I feel so fortunate (maybe 'blessed' is the wrong word!) to have my eyes opened, their church service seems such a pointless waste of precious life, I just feel so sorry for them... (I feel this about JWs who come tracting at my door too)

cheers Jon

Thanks for your response.  I feel the same way now, I almost feel bad for them too.  They waste so much time and effort on this BS, when they could just be out enjoying their lives and their families.  

They will bug you so long as your name stays on the records.  If you have kids, they will psychotically / psychologically  molest you tel them to remove their names from the records.  see, many people do not know that they count unbaptized family members, as well as counting people they cannot find until that person is one hundred freakin and ten!  That only serves the LDS Church (pretty normal) when it comes to inflated membership numbers.

I am proud of you.  Stand your ground strongly and politely.  You do not have to back down to the mental image you have of someone or some thing!  Its a movie on a screne and the monster cannot get you:).  Think about that for a moment :)

Don / Vegas  

If your home isn't in your name then they would have no way of finding you on any public records other than someone you knew tipped them off like you say. Probably even told them to visit you by the sounds of it


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