Okay, so I haven't been very present on this site for a while.  I found it at a time when I really needed the support, but have come to a point now where I am confident with my views and not needing the reinforcement anymore. 

That being said, something happened last night that bothered me, more then I thought it would I think, so I wanted to share it here and see what you guys thought.

To preface, I haven't gone to church for years.  I have moved twice now since the last time my records were moved and also gotten married and changed my name.  So last night at 8pm we got a knock on our door.  It threw my husband and me off guard, we live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, it was an hour before our bedtime (we work early), we were watching a movie enjoying a cocktail, and we weren't expecting anyone.  So he gets up to answer the door.  There are two old men standing there and they said they were looking for me, except they used my maiden name.  I didn't want to get up to go to the door, I was on the couch with a blanket.  I was only wearing my nightie, as I was getting ready to go to bed, and did not feel comfortable at all getting up to greet two old men half clothed.  I answered from the couch that that was me and they said they were from the ward and something about me going.  I felt totally taken off guard and so did my husband.  I didn't know what to say so I just said, I'm not interested and that was that.  Afterwards we felt like we could have been a little nicer, but really it would have been the same outcome either way. No matter what they had to say to me I would still not be coming to church. The fact that I do not go should be an indicator that I am not interested! I do not consider myself mormon at all anymore (I'm an atheist) and the only reason I haven't removed my records is to maintain the peace with my family.  It shook me up a little, I did not appreciate it. I don't appreciate strangers knocking at my door late in general, let alone the local bishopric. I don't know what they expected showing up unannounced late to my home to bombard me about church.  What did they think was going to come from that? It left me shook up with a bad taste in my mouth.

Then there is the issue of how they found me.  I wouldn't be suprised at all if it was my dad or my grandpa that sent my records or address and tipped them off.  They have done it before a few years ago when I was single and they are both in the bishopric.  I was just wondering if there is any other way that they can find you besides someone tipping them off?  This whole incident alone makes me reconsider sending in my resignation.  Maybe I am overreacting, I guess it wasn't a huge deal, but it really bothered me.  It bothered my husband as well.  He has never been a member and he thought it was rude and intrusive.

I think I just needed to vent about that.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks for listening!

So guess who showed up to my house just last night! Two young girls from some local  youth ward, using my maiden name again!  I didn't quite catch if they were from a singles ward or not, but I'm not single.  They were young and nice, but come on!  They tried to give me a flyer for a rock climbing activity.  I was going to just take it from them to be polite, but really I'm not going to even consider going so I just said no thank you and let them keep it. It was snowing like crazy too, they should have been home and not out knocking on strangers doors.  I was nice though, I stood in the door with my huge tattoo in their face and told them to be careful out there.  Sigh, I think it's time to send in my resignation letter. 

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I'm totally blind and I'm not able to see. I'm 26 years of age.

The only way that I've found to tell them that i want no further contact with them is to not attend there church services and to not give them my new address.

I do have relatives that are apart of the church though.

I can't hide from these guys forever!

I've done some research on writing my exit letter and from what it sounds like is that once you send in your exit letter to salt lake city, you have to wait for the paperwork to be filled out so that they can remove your name off of the stake and ward member data basses.

is there soimething else that i can do as far as not attending there church services?

I live in Michigan and I'm going to be going down to kalamazoo to get some blind independent living training done.

I'm not going to be able to hide down in kalamazoo  for very long!

These people will be able to find me!

It's scaring me!

How should i go about fixing this?

There are some things that Salt Lake would be happier if you did not know, so they don;t tell you.  Here are a few of them.

1) You are  no longer a member from the moment that you hand your letter in to a leader of any sort in the Ward, be it Elders Quorum President, Ward Mission Leader or the Bishop or Councilors.  They have been sured and lost big time over these issues, and the law tells them how to operate.  Funny how the law trumps their damned revelation every time!

2) Your membership is voluntarily on your part, like a charge card or a social club.  If you think about it the LDS Church is only a social club that has taught you stimulus response behaviors via fear and intimidation.  If you want to leave, then do so and they can say nothing in any form.  Remember the key word and operative word in regards to your membership is "voluntarily held" on your part.  Ya wanna officially go, write the letter and mail it to the First Presidencies Office.  When the lower level "go fer" leaders get the directive to remove the membership at the local Bishop level (via email mind you), they snap to and move their asses.   This is now a directive from the First Presidency and  not a request from you , If you mail it to the Bishop they can dink around.  They have been known to dink aroun.  

3) They no longer are required to visit you.  They just remove your name and send you a letter stating such.  And that  is it.   The number of people leaving is increasing geometricaly, and the LDS Church is having  to change its approach to even get new members who quickly go inactive or leave officially via a letter.  They are in deep doo doo and they know it.  They youth of the LDS Church is floating away with the advent of the internet and the free exchange of information in the modern world.  People find out that what tey have been taught is crap, and they get pissed.  The internet is a wonderful thing!

Leaving the LDS Church is an easy process and is not even painful.  My life has never been better since I left.   They are looking bad and they know it.  They have een sued and lost, they are power freaks and that just does not work.

I say this in the name of Velveeta Cheese, Amen.


Yes many are leaving because they have learned the truth and it has set them free. But there are many that will not. Those do not want to learn the truth. The same can be seen in other churches. We cannot prove the existence of God but there is a mountain of evidence that that which is written about a god such as Jesus, is manmade. In psychology there is a theory called the ‘Terror Theory’ which in a nut shell states that due to the anxiety of death man creates a way out using religion. So even though many will be freed there are those that choose to believe, even in the front of evidence.And these are those that will prey on the ignorant.

I have them showing up at my door now .. I am not nor have I been a Mormon but my Aunts and cousins on my mothers side are... I just have fun with it.. with me living in Florida and being from up north.. shorts and a sports bra are my house close.. I let them know I am not stupid and I start talking about the history of Mr Smith (love history) and how being a seer is and has been a term used by Wicca  Witches and Pagan traditions since man walked.. Profits and seers are like night and day... Lovely topics they just are not taught...They don't come around so much any more... But if just one of them start looking into the bible, history or the real world after our talks.. Knowledge is power and God gives us this thing.. free will... Just maybe they might be able to think for them self...  I am un-save-able ... because God has already saved me and no man can do it better than God ... no matter how pushy they are... I also read to much and learn about every thing I can... Don't let them get to you... there just still learning and a little miss lead... 

I love your posting Trisha.

IMO, if you know 'your story' and you get a visit, there is nothing more satisfying than enlightening () your visitor/s about something they probably don't know about their beliefs. My favourite is the JS, the hat and the peepstone one.  Heck, you dont even have to seek anyone out to share the real story about Mormonism - they are standing there just begging for it. I say, if one gets any visits (they have tapered off considerably for me) politely invite them in and just share the very things that got you onto the road of resignation, after all it is on your territory and they should respect that.

Young missionaries armed with only their 'learned' version in hand can be quite a pushover.  

That seed one hears about so often can be sown both ways....just sayin'...

Who knows, you may just be the one to lead someone onto things better.

Omigosh!  here I was innocently researching something called a Mongoloid Blue Spot and happen to come across this site. Have read a lot about the BOM but not D and C ---makes for interesting reading.


Amazing how much is out there....sometimes even without looking

Oh ya anything...  I post, that you feel could help people... I have no problem with it being shared ... If I would like to keep something between me and some one .. I use e-mail.. so.. all this to say .. feel free to share and re-post my posts... any were ... Patricia West....

Having been a Mormon Missionary as so many have, just tell them to go elsewhere.  They are there to convert you without regard to your intentions or actions.   This is a bit like playing with a rattlesnake, ...sad.  Don't answer the door and ask them to not call.


Hear is one true fact that gets to the women I have dealt with and drives the men nuts..... Women give birth to the world .... Men owe there very life to a long line of women. 99% of the time the things you like about your self you learned from your first and for most teacher ... A woman ... Mother ...  You got to be born because of her, She taught you, to eat, speak, to walk, love, to dress your self, to share, to tell the truth and so on.... Fathers back up these teachings.... But mom's are our world first teachers... No one should ever treat a women less, because God gave her the best gift human kind can get...  But men who soul existence was left in the hand of a woman. This is to scary for some men and they have to control woman... Reading the bible... Angles came to women to tell them about special children would be born... they didn't go to there husbands... Men were left out of the Godly chats... It was the woman who told the men what was going to happen...  Men back then respected the woman and heard her words... Catholic men of the church and Mormon men of the church, can't and could not deal with this fact... They try and teach women, we are under them ... please ... jealousy of women's closeness with God has lead men to control them... No man had anything to do with the most important birth of our religion's belief's... Marry was told what was going on... By Gods will ... God didn't go to her soon to be mate (a man) and tell him or to Marry's father ... No man was needed for her to  be with child.... Man had no control of Marry or the baby... only Marry and God ... This should tell men something ... Women are the greatest gift God has given men... but men's egos are fragile... Women want to be there partners as it should be.... But men want control and use women using religion's belief's that they twist and interpret every thing to lead us to believe we are low... why?  jealousy .. even angles fell from heaven over that little sin....  jealousy.... You need no man to speak with God or angles of God ... Women have been doing it since Eve and Adam  .... you need no man to be important to God .... You need a man's seed for a family, and a man needs a woman's egg and body to carry a baby for a family... Men need more than a woman needs...  but men's egos are fragile... Some need to feel all powerful and forgot that woman was made to be his partner, the giver of life, and his partner, mate, and friend .... She is to be respected loved and cherished .... The worst part woman have given into this false teaching and let men fall .... With out woman.. no man would walk the earth... We (woman) give birth to the world.... 



Try this next time:  The Book of Abraham facsimiles have been translated by Egyptologists and it shows that Joseph did not translate any of it correctly.  Tell them to come back only if they can prove otherwise.

Without the love of a Mother, without her kind upbraidings, her gentle touches and corrective looks we wouls all be short.  Jesus had his mother, the Blessed Mary.  We all have some maternal role modle in our lives be it a great aunt or   someone.

Without females our species would not exist.  Without the common bond of fathers, we would also not exist.  Moms are col. :)


We hadn't been to church in two years so we were very surprised when our lds neighbors showed up out of the blue to give my eight year old son a invitation to a pre baptism discussion. My husband was very polite and accepted but then he gave it back to them stating that actually we were not going to baptize him nor do we want to go church.

They asked why? My husband stated his reasons  keeping it general. They wanted to know more? So without thinking I started rattling off my reasons it was painful but something inside of me just needed to let it all out. 

They just stood there nodding I was uncomfortable they were uncomfortable. Even though it felt pretty good to talk about all these things that I had bottled up. A few days later I felt horrible and regretted the encounter.  It took so much out of me and I didn't even realize it.


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