They don't call themselves Mormon and they don't call themselves Ex-Mormon. Do you know people like this?

I've come across some inactive members who don't admit to being Mormon when asking their religion but don't go as far as saying they are an apostate to Mormonism as well.  They typically will do things like drink beer at parties, and don't indicate any signs of having any sincerity to the sacred covenants they made when getting baptized or doing temple work, but at the same time they won't admit they don't believe in the LDS church and will vaguely just say things like they believe in god but that is about all you get from them.  This is what my sister is like, and many other inactive members I knew in my childhood.  

I know this seems kind of selfish, but I was kind of hoping many of them would come over to my side.

Would you call these people Jack Mormon?  I thought a Jack Mormon still believed but didn't follow the principles.  It is more like they have distanced themselves from the church but don't admit they are an Ex-Mormon.  

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These types are usually what I consider "Jack-Mormon".  They realize the gospel doesn't make them happy, so they live mostly how they would were the church not true, but if pressured (or drunk enough), they still seem to believe the church is either true, or the best way to live.  One thing is for sure, I don't really understand this mindset myself.

I know people who really have no idea what Mormonism is about and haven't been to church in years. They break every rule and somewhere between drinks brag about being Mormon.  I think in the old days before people could so easily remove themselves from the religion, Jack Mormon was an expression applied to anyone who wasn't going to church and openly living a life that contradicts the teachings. 

I think over the years it has morphed into this group that probably thinks that when the right girl comes along or some major change in life, they will resume being Mormon. Perhaps they just don't have the will power or intestinal fortitude to be a Mormon. It does take commitment, work and a lot of money.

To tell you the truth, I had no respect for Jack-Mormons when I was a TBM, and have about the same feeling about them now. 


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