We, as individuals, all in different phases of growth, have the right to think as we choose without external manipulation or fear tactics!  You, as an individual have the right, a right that you do not have to ask for, to perceive as you wish.  It is yours right now.  You hols it and can use it as your own decision.


What helps you in your growth out of Mormonism into a better human?  With me is is music.  I love Rush and "Freewill".  What great words and tunes.   What helps you to be a better person.  What assist you when you need a little ?"mental action on your own part" to make it past issues and reach a conclusion?


Breaking free of the binds of Mormonism was great!  It is wonderful and exciting to throw the saddle at them. :)  I am interested in the things that assist you.  Wat lifts you in the times of emotional need to find your personal areas of Triumph!


Me, I chose freewill.. of my heart and mind!




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That song has always had a lot of meaning to me.  I think I often abandon my free will to apathy or frustration, but it is when I try to live by making conscious descisions that I accomplish and grow the most.  There was a time when I had a constant prayer diolog going with god in my mind, but find it more comfortable to own my own thoughts now.  I am trying in a way to choose free will every day.  "Free Will" is a great song.  Thanks for sharing!
Service to my fellow mankind and animals lifts me. Reading and learning also. Both of those activities would be stiffled by religion, which teaches us to help only our own tribe.

Any institution that expects you to suspend reality and tells you that you do not feel a pain in your "back side" when they are around is goofy.  Life is easy and very basic.  If I do not like something I feel no need to rationalize it to others.  If I do not like it then I do not like it and I do not need to +pray+ to know of its blessing and truthfulness.


The very idea that I am stupid and need someone else to tell me my thoughts and ideas is ignorant.  I have a brain, I can think, and know the difference between "emotion" and "thinking".  This testimony game they play on us is  an example of stupidity.  If I have a strong emotion to Santa Clause  it does not effect the reality that he does not and never has...existed.  And if you have to pay 10% into this group to make you feel better, then someone is playing someone for a fool.  The only thing they are not saying to me is "whose ya daddy" as they bend me over.


Freewill by Rush is a personal hymn for me.


Don, Vegas and Memphis


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