Hi everybody, My name is Tyler and I'm 18. I was a Mormon for about almost a year. I had struggled with pornography since I was about 15. The reason I left the church is a long story. So I decided to one day go into the bishop and confess my addiction. So one day, I'm sitting out in the lobby. I overhear the bishop talking about me in the hallway. He had told a few people about my addiction and probably more. I have a mental health condition called Schizophrenia by the way. I've been filled with mental torture and hate for many many years. I had been bullied by some of the youth because they thought they were tough and smart. So then I broke down in tears on a Sunday and one of the missionaries mind you they were both young. The one missionary I had met at a psychiatric hospitable. The one threatened to send me to the psychiatric hospitable again. So I flipped a lid on them. So then one of the members took me home. My grandma's old neighbor had helped me escape this fascist church. He was once a Mormon. I was to blind to realize that there image of Jesus was very very wrong. I've been going to a new church and I've been saved big time the mental anguish I had growing up and hatred was gone. I found myself born again in Jesus. I've been helping at my churches dinner's. It was a lesson I'll never forget helping at them dinners. I met a lot of inspiring people going to my new church. But if there is one thing I learned from this or two things I learned is look forward never doubt tomorrow, and also, The Book of Mormon is a two faced contradiction from hell. The Holy Bible is the only true book that I know and will never lie to me. I feel free and not in chains no longer.

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Tyler, I am sorry you experienced distrust with your Bishop for sharing your situation with others who had no business knowing.  Thank goodness you found a community and church family where you feel comfortable and at ease.  Good luck in your journey.


I'm very sorry to hear your bishop betrayed your trust. I'm very sure at that age something like that would have destroyed me.  I do wish all religions would really train their people to understand that betraying a position of trust is a form of abuse.  No sin you may have committed in the eyes of their God is as eggregious as betraying your trust.   

Yeah, I took something very serious to the Stake President when I was in my early twenties.  I was in a position of authority at the time. The did nothing, which was the first time I realized that most of the membership doesn't follow their own religion.  I was one of those people who had to be 100 percent or nothing. Eventually I chose nothing. I'm very happy for you that you found a better religion for you.


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