The question I wish Rick Perry would ask Mitt Romney (Curse of Cain)...


Rick Perry: "Gov Romney, is it true that you Church taught for 130 years that black people are the cursed and inferior children of Cain, less valiant in the War in Heaven, bare the Mark of Cain which is a flat nose, black skin, and kinky hair, and would, at best, be servants of white Mormons in heaven?"


Romney: "I am NOT going to answer questions about my religion!"


Perry: "Govenor, will you join with me, and others, to DEMAND that Mormon Church leaders issue a public apology for teaching that blacks were cursed and inferior?"


Romney: "My Church does not teach that, now I will NOT answer any more questions concerning that, but you can look at my civil rights record!"


Perry: "Will YOU join with me to ask Mormon Church leaders to issue a PUBLIC APOLOGY for the Curse of Cain teachings?


Romney: (silence)

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i hate to say it, but i dont think its right to ask religious questions in a political debate anyways. I highly dissagree with any politics and religion going together. religion is personal and has nothing to go with what you are going to do in office anyways.

I think religion does affect what you do in office. If you really believe something you can't just put that belief aside when you are elected.

I agree with you, Mike. Not to mention Perry of all people would be the biggest hypocrite of all time asking Romney questions like that, as many of the beliefs of the bible are equally offensive. The fact is that Mormons now don't believe that about blacks and Christians now don't think that selling your daughter into slavery is AOK.


People can't put their faith aside in office? Obama is Christian. JFK was Catholic. It depends on the person.


*hides with Mike* :)

I agree totally. I just dont think religion should enter political debates. What next, harrass a jew on the belief that he might have a grudge against Germany??

*Hides with theduchess in a safe house*

Would also be interesting to hear his response when asked if American Indians are loathesome, slothful and cursed with the dark skin so they won't be 'enticing' to white folk?

So, will the Secret Service agents who accompany him to the Temple be able to carry their submachine guns through the sessions?



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