I watched this very disturbing video called The Obama Deception. I always thought it would be bad if Mitt Romney was elected but this is even more scary. President Obama has gone back on everything he promised and he is just a puppet for the globalists to bring in the new world order.


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My question is why would anyone even watch this crap. Haven't we all had enough lies, half and partial truths, innuendos and emotionally manipulative music from TSSC?

When you hear catchphrases like "New World Order" and "Tri-lateral Commission", right away think BULLSH!T.

Using the same techniques they could make a production making Gandhi look like Hitler.

I watched this a couple years ago when it first came out.  It has some accurate info, but I think waxes too far conspiratorial and not enough on facts.  That's what I remember anyways.  I like some thing Obama has done, but find he's fallen short of other goals, and has even continued many Bush era policies on foreign policy, Guantanamo and such. 

This is mostly anti Obama propaganda. Obama can only do what he can get through Congress so do not blame it all on him. I like him. Better than Bush and diffently better than Romney. If I was an American I would vote Obama

Obama is definitely a flip-flopper, but is still not a complete, unarguable failure like pray-to-jesus, listen-to-my-gut monkey boy George. Epithets aside, Mitt Romney is a much worse candidate that Obama ever could be, due to the mormon-shaped dissonant lens that he looks at the world through. Even google the phrase "Mitt Romney slip-ups", and behold! the plethora of verbal mistakes the man has made than are NOT faux-pas in the vein of traditional politics--they are insane, morbid truths, that, unless you have a global death wish, are unsatisfactory for any governmental position, let alone the POTUS throne. maybe he could be postmaster general....but anyway, please and thank you never vote romney :)

I've been hearing for the last 20 years with the inauguration of each new President, Democrat or Republican, that "this guy is gonna have us under Martial Law within 12 months and we're all gonna be enslaved to The New World Order!" Hasn't happened. Seems unlikely to happen. The logistics of controlling the 300-million+ people in just the U.S. alone would be a nightmare.

Something else related...

I don't understand this irrational fear of globalism. Hear me out before you tar and feather me...

Sooner or later, humanity is going to have to evolve beyond the current paradigm of glorified tribal warfare we presently embrace as the norm. Why? Because failing to do so means we continue to develop and exploit bigger and badder means of mass murder (you know, because chemical, biological and nuclear weapons aren't impressive enough in their scope of potential destruction) and for the tribes (aka, nation-states) to continue to beat one another to death over finite resources or disagreements about whose god/goddess is the best endowed. The end result of all that is, of course, the eventual extinction of our species. 

The alternative is to be more cooperative and creative in terms of resolving differences, thereby giving our species a fighting chance to truly make something of itself. Does that sound like such an awful thing? Honestly?

I understand the concerns re: "one world" are centered around misgivings about who's going to run it and what their intentions are. However, I'd remind you that history is replete with megalomaniacs that aspired to be king of the world -and none of them lasted very long, and many perished in rather unpleasant ways. The lesson being that once you make a formal declaration of all-encompassing control over others, you've effectively signed your own death warrant because there's an inherent element in the human psyche that demands a degree of self-determination. In other words, I don't see any way a "New World Order" (as defined in the context of the average conspiracy theory) could sustain itself against billions of angry peasants, so to speak. It would be overthrown and forgotten in days.

Sorry for the tangential ramblings here... We now return you to the originally scheduled thread, already in progress...

I don't know you, but I love you. Us vs. Them dichotomies literally, viscerally sicken me. I hope to be alive, even for a year, when we drop the identity games and realize that we are all humans, and that there's enough to go around.


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