Opened on December 21, 2012
This petition is designed to demonstrate the level of support there is within the Mormon Community for a change in the leadership's approach to dealing with the difficult questions in Church history.

Please sign & promote this petition so we get the attention from those who can make a difference. 

(The Mormon Community includes everyone & anyone who is still a member or who has been a member in the past & still feels they identify with this community) 




To the First Presidency & Quorum of Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We, as members of said Church, give this our Proclamation:


Let it be known that we twelve members of the Church represent many thousands of other members all over the world who are honest, faithful & sincere. We, in good conscience, have served faithfully in the Church giving much of our time, talents & financial resources to build up the Church, believing it to be the Kingdom of God on earth. Many of us have served faithfully with all our hearts, might, mind & strength all our lives.


WHEREAS, we believe in honesty & integrity, we expect God's Kingdom on earth to be led by God's authorised servants who epitomise these same values in their leadership. Yet we find it is not so. We find instead that loyalty & obedience is valued more highly by them than integrity to the truth.


WHEREAS, we believe in truth, we expect the Church of the One True God to be built on truth. We expect no pretence, nor corruption, only honesty & openness, having nothing to hide, displaying a willingness & desire to declare all the facts in a full & frank disclosure. Yet we find an unwillingness to discuss difficult areas of Church history, with the excuse that some aspects of Church history are not faith promoting.


WHEREAS, we expect that when the Church claims to be "The One and Only True Church of Jesus Christ on the face of the whole earth", we expect the Church bases this claim on facts which are true & verifiable. There should be no truth claim which under the 'full light of day' is proven to be otherwise. Yet we find many of the truth claims to be based not on substantive facts, but on an altered narrative crucially lacking in historical accuracy, with uncomfortable, yet context altering details suspiciously ignored, even hidden from the membership.


WHEREAS, we have been perpetually taught that the divine authority of God had been established through the restoration of the Holy Priesthood with the calling of Prophets & Apostles, therefore we trusted that God would lead & direct his servants. It followed that when prophets, seers & revelators, addressed us under inspiration, their words would be the mind & will of God. We were assured that God would never let them lead the Church astray. Yet we find many failed or changed prophetic pronouncements of the past suspiciously declared as "folklore" & just "personal opinion".


WHEREAS, many faithful members are seekers after truth & desperate to receive honest, full & frank answers to their sincere questions, we find that instead of being assisted, they are ignored at best, or at worst ostracized for simply wanting to know the full facts about the origins of their Church. In most cases Stake Presidents & Bishops are ill-equipped to answer their questions.


Brother Chris Ralph from the UK recently sent two Open Letters to the Europe Area Presidency with vital questions which needed to be answered in order for the authority of the Church to continue to be justified in its claim to be of divine origin. The Open Letters were sent to the Europe Area Presidency in August and October and as of now remain not only unresolved, but without response. As a group of twelve concerned members we also sent a letter to the Area Presidency on the 3rd December pleading for a response. We have received no response.


Therefore, we APPEAL to the highest authority of the Church for answers to these vital questions. Brethren your response to these questions will not only show sincere concern, but could potentially resolve the painful religious trauma syndrome many members suffer from as a result of the cognitive dissonance they face as they encounter historical facts completely in contradiction with the story told them by the Church. We can attest that the pain we and many, many others are experiencing upon discovering that our faith is not based on truth, is an emotion akin to feeling like we have been deceived by those we respect & love.


Brethren, we DECLARE this day, the 21st December 2012, that without a formal public pronouncement of the answers to these crucial questions in a full, frank & honest manner, that you as leaders of this Church be held responsible for the continued wilful deception of many millions of faithful Church members. The Church membership needs its leaders to show integrity, humility & absolute honesty if this Church is to continue to provide the sense of purpose & security which the faithful members deserve.


Belief in a fanciful lie, no matter how consoling, is a damnable false hope. The Church can continue to provide security & meaning for its followers, but only if it is based on truth. Please consider your positions of trust & have the integrity we all hope you have by telling us the truth we need to hear, rather than just hoping we will all just go away. We will not go away, and there are thousands of others also ready to speak as we do. Truth will win out in the end, we hope you have the courage to follow that truth no matter where it may lead. 


We affirm to you that humility, honesty, integrity & authenticity is a far greater & more rewarding path to follow than blind obedience & meaningless loyalty can ever be.


Yours faithfully


Martha Bache

David Bloor

Steve Bloor

Jeremy Brown

Lisa Campbell

Pip Chapman

Damian Mitchell

Tim Morgan

Tom Phillips

Sophia Ralph

Ted Ralph

Ken Smith


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Although my feelings regarding the church are somewhat harsher than those represented in this petition, I feel that this is a positive movement and would benefit from support of the masses.

I have to sort of agree with EK, my problem is complete apathy.  I would be more inclined to object to other religious beliefs I find more harsh, except I don't care about them either.   I don't mean to rain on your parade, I think it is a great idea, just not my natural inclination.


The 12 might still weigh the petition and find it wanting if there tens of thousands of signatures on it. The task is far too difficult for any uninspired man to accomplish. How can a leader acknowledge that the Book of Mormon at best, can only see seen as an allegory? It has been taught for far too many decades as a fact, the truth, from the word of God in integrity. To satisfy truth would cause a huge rift in the membership; the faithful would fall away, those who applaud the honesty would be encouraged to stay.

The reason I am behind this petition is not so much in the expectation of response from the church, but in the value of taking a stand against the deception the church represents. I am pulling back the curtain on the wizard because I detest the myth and all that it represents.  Evolution of church doctrine and culture will be slow in coming, but nothing will happen until people speak out and demand change.

If you truly want the church to ever admit their deceit than you need to find a investigative journalist  that has not been bought off. To not only do an interview with a church leader but who is committed to finding and presenting the truth.

Second provide them with the evidence that the church has indeed lied.  For example if while being interviewed the journalist would have had documented proof that the church leader was lying and denying teaching a less popular peculiar belief and doctrine. Then the journalist could fire back exposing the doctrine that proves that the church taught or teaches it.  They get away with lying to the press because of the journalist's ignorance about mormonism.

You almost need a journalist who used to be a mormon or a jounalist to go undercover pretending to be mormon armed with all of the documentation and evidence. The church will never admit they have lied or twisted white washed or deceived anyone as long as their lie is not exposed by undeniable evidence.  They rewrite their history all the time.

That's the only way to ever get them to admit they have lied. But even then they'll probably weasel out.

Hello Sallysunshine,

Intriguing as it is, I think a very well done expose' would still fail. I say this only because the leadership can weasel out of just about anything; they have been doing so for so long. Besides anything nowadays that they lie about could be excused away be saying the local source of such "information," was misguided or did not have all the truth.

Peopl who'se beliefs are under attack will surely dig in their heels to fight back. It is a rare individual who will face such and pause to question their own beliefs.

As it is as time goes on all religions will water themselves down to fit the modern world.

I appreciate your post.

It is my opinion that although you are justified and fully within your rights to demand the truth, the church has already shown that it is not willing to do what you are asking it to do. A full and honest disclosure of the true history of the church and its founders would result in the most catastrophic exodus of the churches members. It is in the best interest of the church to maintain its current position, if it wishes to preach another day.


Perhaps the most insideous and frustrating teaching that is emplyed to blind and control their members is the idea that any and all criticisms of the church, whether written from within or without, are nothing more than "anti-mormon" and should be immediately disregarded as absolute falsehood. Members are simply taught, even programmed from birth, to ignore any and all arguments against their faith. They are basically born into mental slavery and are not only glad of their chains, but are willing to defend their slavery from any and all liberators who would come to their rescue.


I wish you the best of luck with your petition. I would even add my own name to it. Just know that I do not have high hopes for any positive outcome, and that I think it would be far more productive to liberate as many members as possible from their ridiculous dogmatic belief in the creations of an absolute charlatan.




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