"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that the family
is the basic unit not just of society, but of heaven and eternity. A
familiar LDS slogan is "Families Are Forever." Latter-day Saints focus
much of their resources on families: forming families by marrying,
growing families by having children, strengthening families through
church activity, defending families from influences or situations they
deem threatening."

Read the rest of this article from Holly Welker in the Huffington Post, and then please share it on facebook, and anywhere else on the interwebs.


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Thanks for posting this. I was wondering when Holly would have this ready. I reposted to facebook.
I hope you have calmed down now Diamond; this stuff does rather makes one's blood boil doesn't it?

Hopefully, intelligent people will read and understand the issues really at stake here. Our damn agency. They are so full of their own self righteousness that they "will not change". They can ask gays to do the impossible but the Church "Will not change".

They could so easily change regarding temple marriage and the one year waiting penalty imposed on the North American Saints (and increasingly other countries as antiquated marriage laws change). What would it take? Just make it equal across the board. Why are some saints expected to be more saintly than others?
How well said Jean! "Why are SOME saints expected to be more saintly than others?" A rhetorical question no doubt but an explanation would be great if forthcoming... ;-)
Boyd K. Packer is a mean, spiteful, angry, pent-up, weaselly, sick, twisted, aggressive, frightening, stupid, ignorant, idiotic, myopic, scared, and pitiful little man. It's terrible to say, but it is a welcome relief to me that he won't be around much longer.

Thanks, Brother Packer, for ruining such a significantly large part of my life.
Yes but sex with whom??? guys; chicks, guys chicks as my Aussie friend says. When did you make that choice? I reckon Packer must have had to make it at some point and has been a miserable old ^%$^! ever since.
When you get a serious face like that, ...I don't think you get a lot of sex. You don't get a lot of so much, like friends, communication, smiles, handshakes, pats on the back, friendly butt smacks or winks. You get...serious. You really don;t get a lot more.

How sad, how very very sad.

Man, :), can you please get to the point, :) hahahaha.

All of our lives belong to "US". It does not belong to anyone else. They can sit in an overstuffed chair and look serious all they want. I choose to ignore their stimulus and enjoy my life.

Toss old fart BKP in the dump and remember him as much as you remember the color pants you wore on December 18, 1996, or the socks on February 18, 2005. BKP's view matters just that damned much, as does any LDS view, and , frankly, mine as well. You form your own views, be the best you can be just as you are. Everyone has pain and anguish all emanating from everywhere. We also have successes, mountains we have climbed over and successes we have achieved. Spend your time giving yourself credit and high fives.

Being Gay, being Straight, being Lesbian, being short, tall, left handed, right handed, thick bones, small bones, right eye dominant....its all in the genetic code and that is a gift from God. JS and BKP did not have a damned thing to do with that gift! BKP is only important in his stoic and self important corporate mind. He seems to be loosing it as well.

"DO kick a man while he is down, his ass is easier to reach there". :) hahahaha
His view does not matter. I do not believe that he is inspired. He is the leader of 12 divisional vice presidents of an insurance company that way to many pay 10% premiums to so that they can be told how wrong they are. And if you or I were an inspired and blessed (by others money) then we would know it as well.

In life there is a fact, ....actually there are many and this is one immutable fact. Others are as important as we make them. They can stand on the stage and the show they put on is measured ONLY by our applause. If I don't care for it, and that is my right, I sit there politely, but I do not laud them.
These guys in Salt Lake tell us how important they are by their deeds and looks. People look at each other seeking approval of their views and shake their heads up and down like bobble heads in the back of a car. They look around to be sure that others are doing the same, thus their view is...correct?
These are men. They put their clothes on and shower just like you and me. True, they are not paid, but we should all be so lucky to have OUR needs met in the flair and fashion that theirs is. Anything they want they get either froma member so glad to suck up, from a Stake President running for favor and position, or from the internal mechanism within the Church Office Building systems designed to do so. They do not talk to God as some fairy tales would make you think. Matter of fact, thge times they have been directly asked, "Do you gys talk to God face to face" , they obfuscate, clear their throats and try to look mean to get your reaction and avoid the question like a rabbit running from a fox. They make executive decisions and implement those decisions, as well as follow up and follow thru... Which by the way is not inspired either (return and report!), it is just a very good business practice.

You, I, all of us, make our own decisions. Hopefully we do not make nor repeat decisions that are not in our best interest. We are never a product of circumstance, but a product of our decision making skills. If we want a better life, we must make better decisions, ...logical right!? Of course its logical.

If you allow others to tell you what is wrong and right you will soon loose your ability to decide up from down, left from right, or what the hell you want to do. You see that "collective sheeple" within the LDS Church. That is also the reason that people have difficulty making decisions after leaving the LSD Church. They are looking around for social and mental levers that do not and should not have ever existed.

You,we, are all adults. We know what we like and should naturally gravitate towards it with no guilt. EVEN IF IT IS WRONG, NO GUILT. hURTING OTHERS IS NOT RIGHT, SO WE MAKE A CONSCIOUS DELIBERATE DECISION TO NOT DO SO AND EVEN AVOID THE THINGS THAT LEAD TI IT. (Darned caps key) Make a conscious decision that it is right to continue, or wrong to change the behavior, no freakin manipulative tool of guilt should exist anywhere.

Make good decisions yourself for a fantastic life. Tell others to go lick a toilet bowl.
Thanks all,
I want to post this on facebook soooooo bad. I haven't outted myself to my family yet. Most know (parents/siblings) but aunts, uncles, cousins, etc don't know. I'm not sure I'm ready to open myself up to the criticism that I'm sure will follow. On the other hand, I want to help open others eyes.

Oh, what to do, what to do.
If you're not ready, then please don't open yourself to that kind of hurt. Plenty of people are getting the word out there Cami. Thank you for your words of support here. Take as much time as you need. :-) HUGS
I actually did post it on facebook. So far, I haven't had any negative comments. In reality, when you read the article, whether you're TBM, exmorg, or 'gentile', it has very valid points. Ones that I agree with and ones that I'll go to bat for. Ones, that I don't think should be swept under the rug. That's what I feel I would be doing if I didn't repost it. So I did.

When it comes down to it, it's the first step of finding out who my 'true' friends are.


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