The LDS Church's Unequal Treatment of Gay and Feminist Activists


Huffington Post: 

The LDS Church's Unequal Treatment of Gay and Feminist Activists


From the article:


 "80 percent of the young women in the church are leaving it, frustrated by the church's restrictive gender roles, as well as doctrines and practices that speak neither to the challenges they face as women nor their desires and goals."


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That's a new position to me Craig. Must have been "inspired" ;-)
I still don't understand this issue between those fighting the church over gay and feminist rights.  Many churches out there have the same beliefs, and people just don't go to them.  You aren't going to "fix" the church, and I am flummoxed by the need to still belong, or be involved with the institution, all for one point.  Keeping yourself angry and miserable.  Jeez, if the shoe doesn't fit....


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